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top 10 games that are good for you....

Top 10 Games That Are Good for You

video games, that is....otherwise scrabble and upwords would be on this list.

wii Fit Plus it....dont do it much....its no farmtown.

Bejeweled it...a lot.

Brain Age gotta check it out...afraid of the answer

Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked how the heck have i missed a wii game about cooking!?!

Typing Maniac done it---am a maniac

EA Sports Active not yet---maybe not---have to leave something on the list

Wii Sports Resort have it---havent played it yet---but will have to now

My Stop Smoking Coach do you suppose i have to start smoking before i can play this?

Scribblenauts hmmmm---ace asked for this for christmas (but this was a no-video-game christmas)---maybe he's onto something...its a game of typing where nouns appear and you use the noun.

Just Dance TOTALLY just talked to jasmine about this one---even priced it---so now its on my short-short list...been all over tv advertising.

have you tried any of these? why isnt wii music with its handbell choir on this list?


Michelle said...

Bejeweled and Typing Maniac are the only ones I've done. We don't have a Wii, yet--we're holding out until we have a basement to put it in. Maybe next year...

Lyric said...

how did i miss this post? i havent tried any of these games though, so i have nothing to contribute...unless i can do any of them without a wii?

Jackie said...

Just Dance rocks my socks, ma'am. My SIL has it and it is a lot of fun - good work out, not too hard, and the time passes quickly when you're doing it.