this is me now


spending the afternoon with Tom Cruise

....random alert----but as I sat there, in a dark theater, with my husband SOUND ASLEEP next to me, watching a matinee movie with WAY TOO MANY people my own age----my mind wandered...
1. I hate tom cruise
2. I hate tom cruise movies
3. oblivion is a tom cruise movie---that I smiled thru---then was pleasantly surprised that I didn't write the ending mid-way thru the movie....that's a big deal for me---think Sixth Sense
4. it wasn't a bad movie---except it had Tom cruise in it----and the previews were all for sci-fi or movies with The Rock---and I don't like either---and my basic requirement is that if someone avoids death or broken bones more than twice in any given movie---I'm outta there---think James Bond---but I did see and enjoy Skyfall---- sorry---random
5. david fell asleep during the most significant story-line of the movie---and it is very convoluted---and there was just no way to catch him up on it
6. he kept the I-cee in the left hand cup holder of his seat---I was sitting on the right side---so I just sat there and simmered--- mostly that he didn't even notice I was simmering!
7. back to random---so I'm thinking---wow---I should blog about how much I dislike Tom Cruise---and that got me to thinking about all the stuff I have to catch you up on---and how many bullet points I can put in one blog---so I am numbering them so I will know.
okay---quick catch-ups----

my foot---not tendonitis---I have a stinkin plantar plate tear ---caused by my 2nd toe being longer (apparently significantly) than my big toe and I wore HIGH SPIKE HEELS AND FLIP FLOPS AND BAREFOOT for too many years (younger girls pay attention---that means anyone under 50--- my podiatrist said its just getting younger and younger)----so surgery will happen---i'm delaying til the holidays (see my 2012 thanksgiving post---yeah---why not duplicate it!)---mostly because my day job (dancing moose) is in high gear and I have trips planned til end of October---so they will go in and BREAK MY 2ND TOE----PUT IT BACK IN JOINT (think hammertoe but the knuckle goes up---not to the side---its also genetic---my 87 yr old aunt had this same surgery on both feet about 30 years ago---she crawled into her house~! :(....then he (podiatrist) will repair the tear and send me on my way-- pain--- cant be worse than what I have now---and I will never get to wear cute shoes again.

ace---came home from florida (???!!!) end of January---was home for 4 days---then moved around our area 3 times----got his job back at 6 flags---then disappeared again---we think he is in Colorado---this time we know nothing---have heard nothing---- his birthday is on mothers day---yeah---that will be great..... its not as bad as it was---yes it is---i'm just dealing better with it---until I start to blog about it---

lyric and jasmine BOTH graduate----we are all heading to florida to watch lyric walk---jasmine walks online (woot woot WGU night owls!)---we are all DRIVING to florida---caravanning with leah and her 3 (joe is in school---duh!) and picking up jasmine and her 3 (her david flies in 2 days later to save on vacation time----so who is the smart one of THIS family?!)---then drive to Orlando for nearly a week of beach, lyric graduating, grandchildren and quiet---haha---not quiet....not at all.

sam---continues to work in slc---good on him----he reaches out and as long as it is nice---we converse.
molly---continues to be pregnant--- acknowledges to us that she is making poor decisions but she has to do what is best for her----what?

leah---- NOTHING! :) which is good---Joe will be finishing up his medical school requirements around Thanksgiving---then joe and leah and cannon and Jonas and porter will pack up and move up here and "rent" our upper 3 rooms while he goes thru the interview and application for residency process---- he graduates from medical school may 2014---residency starts aug/sept 2014... I cant wait to have---and cringe at the idea----and cant wait---to have those 3 boys every day----now--- I also am very realistic about how long it has been since I've had toddlers in the house every day all day for weeks and months---but i'm ever the optimist---right?

like 13.  really? you are still reading? so I will take a second to thank all of you so much for your concern and prayers and nurturing during horrible2012---- I am grateful every day---and now I tear up---so back to clever---

14. where've I been? spent a few days right around January 1st---did I already write about this?---in Cortez, Colorado with david's mom--- got to spend time with his sister Sharon and her hubs Jim---and her grandkids--- we were snowed/frozen in for 2 days--- we worked on a jigsaw puzzle and ALMOST finished it---then we drove back and went to the  Albuquerque temple---it was a lovely trip.
14.1---spent a divine week in New Orleans (actually Kenner) taking care and playing with Ben, Beth and Bella while jasmine was doing student teaching---had such a great time with those three kids---taught Bella to crawl---really----for reals.
14.2  flew to Orlando--via Oklahoma city thru Denver to arrive in Orlando at 530 a.m. to surprise lyric and ben (only the babysitter knew I was coming) over a long weekend that david was going to be out of town and I didn't want to be home alone (think me with my hands on my cheeks with a screaming expression)---so david worked his flight points magic and I red-eyed it to play with milo and pyper for a few days while lyric was doing HER student teaching----at some point I will post that video.
14.3---very tender----got to watch an adoption as an interested outsider----a girl that I've watched grow up let me be part of the very spiritual/very difficult/very beautiful process of the birth and placement (let me be clearer---the adoptive parents stayed with us for about 2 weeks before and after the birth of the baby while the paperwork was being completed)---having been on the receiving end of growing my family thru adoption, this was a very special experience.

15. our backyard and front yard---that is our next project---my sister Eden is helping us with the artistry---I've redone a couple of chairs in the back---we added a trampoline----david replaced the gate---thanks to him I have a blog about my church talk "good enough for Freeport"----we live to blog another day.

no pictures---that will come---I've given myself a couple of post ideas up thru these numbers---- my hair continues to grow---I had tinsel in it for a few months---now I am starting hair chalk to goof around with----I have been purging my house of my multiples of things----don't give me too much credit---still have 3 dogs--- but my closets and drawers and cupboards are emptier---and my garage gives that impression every now and then---

16. thanks Tom----your Oblivion gave me a couple of hours to think of what I might write on a Saturday night if I was to blog again---so I did.

teasers---- nevermind----just check back on your feed----