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overlooking GLEE

OKAY----get ready for a bit of a rant
season 1 Glee----overlooked all of the pretend pregnancy story and the romanticized teenage pregnancy story---overlooked them so i could enjoy the music....and sue SYLVESTER----LOVE THAT CHARACTER.....overlooked the horribly stereotypical characters---because they were just so darn cute and could sing....and clever brittany s pearce----very clever writing
season 2 Glee---THANK YOU ----lets make it all about the music----WHAT THE HECK? LIP SYNCING all-stinkin-over the place---okay---i can overlook that because i LOVE lea michelle's voice---just dont make me watch her sing---girl cant lipsync for NUTHIN---and they brought in AMAZING guest stars---neil patrick harris, idina mendel to name two...and kristin chenoweth for a 3rd...(notice that i didnt mention gwyneth paltrow---that was NOT an oversight)---plus COACH BIESTE---love her!....i can overlook bad lip syncing for great music.....

season 3 glee---really? all of a sudden Quinn is all EMO and pink-haired----WHAT DID SHE DO THIS SUMMER????---that doesnt fit AT ALL----so stop it---give her back her high-pony---oh---okay---thanks---

BUT BUT BUT............................NO WAY................CANNOT OVERLOOK--------------

bad adoption stories-----
I have a little experience with this perked me up a bit----but not in a good way--- so maybe perked isnt the right word---maybe RILED up is the right word--

rachel's birthmom----liked the irony of the story originally---LOVED the casting----but lets not make it seem so easy as just singing a DEAD-ON duet of  "Somewhere" from West Side Story  .... holding hands---and now we are good? PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEASE dont make it that easy----but do let them keep singing together.

quinn & puck and baby beth (good name btw)----NO NO NO NO NO.  i'm okay with puck saying he will do anything to be in the baby's life---whatever he can have is okay---- but having quinn come in and say she's going to get the baby back?  DID SHE TALK TO A LAWYER? that was SO 18 months ago----papers are signed---deed is done----so lets not pursue this storyline---i may not be able to overlook it....

and i need to overlook it.....but i may have to take a stand----please dont make me do that.


separated at birth?

ethan milo webb 8-15-09

                                    pyper lynn webb 9-12-11                                                                              

the plan for Pyper Lynn Webb

I flew to Orlando on Saturday night---spent Sunday with Team Webb---there were plans---oh yes---we had plans.....
  • Ben drop off Milo to spend the night at friends---then other friends would take him on Monday during the day--
               but then the Monday day friends had to change the plans---so we went to plan B---other other friends....whew whew whew!
  • Call the hospital at midnight to make sure they arent busy---then go to said hospital for induction at 2 a.m.---
              but then said hospital was busy---busy busy busy (full moon and all)---so we went to plan B---wait for nurse at said hospital to call in 3-4 hours to let us know---rats rats rats
  • Wait out the time waiting for said hospital by resting----rest rest rest---gonna be a busy day the next
             but then Lyric went into labor---contract contract contract----ouch ow ow!---so we went to plan B----stay up all night timing contractions, braiding hair, rolling on exercise ball, showers, baths---distract distract distract
  • Call the hospital at 4 a.m.----rats still busy---
            but a compassionate nurse called back and said to come on in and get checked---                hope hope hope
  • nurse had compassion----:) :) :) and admitted Team Webb and team trainer ( muah) into hospital about 5:45 a.m.
            but said nurse checked Lyric---rats dagnabit rats----all that pain for nuthin----now we need another med before pitocin can work its charm :( :( :(---delay delay delay
  • 'nother nurse said lets check once more BEFORE i give you the delay delay delay drug (okay---she didnt say that---but repetition and consistency is more clever than the truth)---check check check
             but HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAY! x2! all that pain and work during the night put Lyric to a 4 almost 5!
  • pitocin/epidural/6/water/check/9.5/wait 30 minutes--- 
but NOTHIN'! PYPER LYNN WEBB 9/12/11 2:11 pm 8 lb 5 oz 20 inches----the hope of hair! she is a beautiful little girl and we are PLEASED AS PUNCH!
                                  good size baby! pediatrician is pretty sure she was over-due!
proud dad and his little girl
what a cute round face!
                                                  lyric did so well---what a trooper!
                                ---her first request was a bite of my burger---but dont tell her i put this in my blog!
happy mommy and daddy
milo came up that evening and was happy to see mom and dad ----
 interested in Pyper for but a moment
                                             milo loved the 'edible arrangments' grapes
 Team Webb can now play doubles


my favorite genre

my favorite genre---despair....heart-wrenching songs of loss--i wallow in the sadness---listen to one song over and over and over get the are some of my favorites

love her hair--love the video--love the emotion
dont you want me baby--such a clear cry for attention!  love the story---they were obviously on different pages....and who doesnt like a bunch of  overly-dramatic skinny Brits from the 80's?!!!
and the creepiest of all---but one that still puts in me a nosedive---and i HAVE to sing along with it

dear merf,
thanks for posting these songs---
now, when i want to wallow,
 i dont have to search for them---
they are right here! that made it so easy!
   love, merf


too pg-13 for my fb status---so i posted it here---where the readers already know me and wont be surprised that i find this HILARIOUS....and this title may very well be longer than the post!

A study has revealed that the kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle.

For example: if she is ovulating, she is attracted to men with rugged and masculine features.

However, if she is menstruating or menopausal, she tends to be more attracted to a man with duct tape over his mouth and a spear lodged in his chest, with a cricket bat up his #^%!# rear-end while he is on fire.

No further studies are expected on this subject.

p.s.-----funny side story---my husband is in Cortez, CO visiting his mom for a few days---i tell him to read this post to her b/c i think she will find it funny...he calls me to complain that the font is too small---HOW OLD ARE YOU? 82? (OOPS---his mom is 81!)---so i laugh and say i will enlarge the font---he is reading it from his blackberry---anyway---i thought it was funny....and notice that i put this in the smallest font available! lol