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overlooking GLEE

OKAY----get ready for a bit of a rant
season 1 Glee----overlooked all of the pretend pregnancy story and the romanticized teenage pregnancy story---overlooked them so i could enjoy the music....and sue SYLVESTER----LOVE THAT CHARACTER.....overlooked the horribly stereotypical characters---because they were just so darn cute and could sing....and clever brittany s pearce----very clever writing
season 2 Glee---THANK YOU ----lets make it all about the music----WHAT THE HECK? LIP SYNCING all-stinkin-over the place---okay---i can overlook that because i LOVE lea michelle's voice---just dont make me watch her sing---girl cant lipsync for NUTHIN---and they brought in AMAZING guest stars---neil patrick harris, idina mendel to name two...and kristin chenoweth for a 3rd...(notice that i didnt mention gwyneth paltrow---that was NOT an oversight)---plus COACH BIESTE---love her!....i can overlook bad lip syncing for great music.....

season 3 glee---really? all of a sudden Quinn is all EMO and pink-haired----WHAT DID SHE DO THIS SUMMER????---that doesnt fit AT ALL----so stop it---give her back her high-pony---oh---okay---thanks---

BUT BUT BUT............................NO WAY................CANNOT OVERLOOK--------------

bad adoption stories-----
I have a little experience with this perked me up a bit----but not in a good way--- so maybe perked isnt the right word---maybe RILED up is the right word--

rachel's birthmom----liked the irony of the story originally---LOVED the casting----but lets not make it seem so easy as just singing a DEAD-ON duet of  "Somewhere" from West Side Story  .... holding hands---and now we are good? PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEASE dont make it that easy----but do let them keep singing together.

quinn & puck and baby beth (good name btw)----NO NO NO NO NO.  i'm okay with puck saying he will do anything to be in the baby's life---whatever he can have is okay---- but having quinn come in and say she's going to get the baby back?  DID SHE TALK TO A LAWYER? that was SO 18 months ago----papers are signed---deed is done----so lets not pursue this storyline---i may not be able to overlook it....

and i need to overlook it.....but i may have to take a stand----please dont make me do that.


Princess Mommy said...

Completely agree on all accounts. Although Im tired of Sue Sylvester by now and Im mad at Quinn. This had better not deviate from reality. Not impressed with first episode's music, a little better with this episode, but so far, the only reason Im sticking with Glee is to see how they fit in the Project kids

Michelle said...

I'm with you, Jasmine! It was fun seeing the first Project contestant in the first episode. Sick of Sue, too--although her tender moments surprise me, and that's good. I don't like the whole Quinn wants to get her baby back, either. Waiting to see how it plays out.