this is me now



1. Where did you get the nickname "merf"?
my sister, Eden, was just 17 months when I was born---she couldnt say "Meredith"---so she called me Merf.  I love the nickname Merf.

2. Which of your children are adopted?
i cant remember.....its all a blur....i prefer to think of it as which of my kids needed some extra help getting where they belonged---

3. Why dont you wear big earrings anymore?
as you age---your skin sags---duh---so does the skin on your earlobes....i dont intend to look like Dumbo in 5 years!

4. Dont you need a rest from all these grandchildren?
no. not ever. never.

5. Who is your favorite?
whomever is in front of me at that moment....really....thats true of children, grandchildren, reality shows

6. Any pet peeves you'd like to express?
misspelling on purpose/chewing out loud/being late/butt cracks---hey---you asked.

7. Which is your favorite calling in the church?
conducting Sacrament meeting music---you get to have 200 people smile and sing at you for about 3 minutes 3-4 times a meeting---no preparation---and you get to buy new clothes.

8. Any calling you DONT want? i'm teenagers one on one---but a group of teen boys out in the wilds---with no good 'facilities'---NO THANK YOU!

9.What did you want to be when you grew up?
Carol Burnett---google it...then an elementary school teacher...then a music teacher....then an ASL interpreter---now i'm back to Carol Burnett.

10. So exactly what is it you do now?
I get to sing and act in comedy vignettes to reinforce ethical behavior for social workers, counselors  psychologists and therapists seeking to maintain their licenses....and i get to sleep in hotels and go out to eat and read magazines in a car for hours on end.

11. You seem to enjoy being cryptic---why?
I need to vent---we all need to vent---i just dont like showing the world all my warts and dirty laundry--so being cryptic lets me vent without exposing myself.

12. Whats with all the dogs?
not sure---i like projects....and i like dogs---but i dont like animals....i think the dogs are just substitutes for having kids running around the house.

13. You dont like animals?
nope---dont like the smells, the flies, the sudden movements....farms, zoos, stockshows----yawn.

14.What parts of your body would you change?
upper arms/hair texture/eyebrow line----yeah---thats a good start.

15. You havent colored your hair for awhile---whats up?
trying to not distract---no thats not right---just not feeling it right now....still looking for the perfect cotton candy pink that isnt permanent.

16. Any place you want to visit?
Ground Zero and Viet Nam War memorial in D.C.

17. What do you fear?
fire, frogs...and empty cupboards.

18.  What is your greatest weakness?
cant turn off my brain
lack of self-discipline
....want me to keep going?

19. What is your greatest strength?
the knowledge that i am all fluff----i am awestruck at people who arent fluff---i am grateful for the blessing of knowing that i'm not all that....helps me keep that whole pride and arrogance thing in check.


David Jeppson said...

Way more than too funny.

Lyric said...

I enjoyed reading this. Why? Because you are fluffy! hahaha :)

Michelle said...

Frogs? Really? I never knew that.