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we go to movies----a lot----we see a lot of movies----have i mentioned we go to the cinema?

okay---so---we hit a 5:40 showing of "Courageous"
"What?" you say, "i've never heard of that movie----never seen a trailer---was it a foreign film---perhaps an indy?"
here is the trailer:
(copy and paste it)
well----we did see it at our local Cinemark Tinseltown----first run movies-----
no one you know was in it....except Jessa and Joy Duggar! (yes---of the 19 kids and counting duggars!---but you wouldnt have seen them until you read the credits---but its not about the duggar girls).
"What kind of reviews did it get?" (thats you talking again, btw.)
well....there were NO critic reviews on fandango---my go to place for reviews----there were tons of fan reviews---all saying 'MUST GO'---so okay---its not rated R---so we go.  it is by the makers of "Fireproof"---so if you have seen that (and if you havent, you should) then you get the ilk (thats not an anagram---its a word---look it up)
"Why no critic reviews?" (thats you again)---Well---(this is me)---critics tend to hate clean, faith-promoting, family friendly theatah (and yes---if you say it that way it makes more sense)
oh my goodness!
i dont like preachy movies---i always think the writers ran out of cleverity when they start to preach (i think the correct word is cleverness---but cleverity was cleverer).

Courageous didnt preach---IT SCREAMED....but it was sweet and clean and the people looked like real people and yes you kinda knew where it was going but then WHAM-O----or maybe just wham-o----there was a twist....
bring tissues
bring your friends
bring your sons
bring your husbands
its like an LDS General Conference Priesthood session talk---dramatized....and it doesnt just touch the male sector---oh my goodness---you will come home wanting to be a better whateveryouare.

you will come home with your arm raised saying "I WILL".

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David Jeppson said...

Dear David, Joe, and Ben. Perhaps we can see it together when we get together for Thanksgiving and then I was thinking we could have PPI's followed by an arm raising "I will" ceremony! Actually let's just watch the show. Maybe you can pick up a new idea to enhance your already outstanding dad skills! I'll need to watch it several times.