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BTW - pics are being posted at random by Jasmine Hall with EXTREME bias. :) This is a blog-nap, folks! And any commentary will be added by Merf later-she is better at hilarious commentary than I am. :)
my clever--no wait---jas said "hilarious commentary" ---yeah---no pressure there---will be in the color of red for this post---thanks to jas for the pictures---albeit SIDEWAYS---she did say she hacked at 1 a.m.---go to bed, jasmine---go to bed!
we headed to disney knowing full well it was going to rain all day---but we had pre-purchased the tickets---so it was not an option to NOT go---3 babies, 3 double-strollers, 4 toddlers, one teenager, 10 adults---quite the crew to move around!
we got everyone ponchos to keep us as dry as possible---the boys were too small for even the child-size ones---so it was necessary to tie up the sides of theirs---they werent liking that a lot! we went to Magic Kingdom where most of the rides were toddler-friendly---this is Ben Hall loving the carousel!
Ben loved the Dumbo ride---even tho we were getting soaked!
we got all the boys matching orange mickey mouse t shirts---pyper and beth got pink onesies with minnie mouse ears---porter had an orange onesie with his name and mickey mouse ears on.
there is a great area in Disney where you can feed your kids---high chairs, small tables---a nice place to get out of the rain, eat, change diapers, nurse etc
leah is thinking of something---we stopped at an eating place to get out of the downpour and let the adults go on Space Mountain---Milo and Ben were asleep---as were Porter and Pyper----we played with Beth and chased cannon and jonas!
all of us in our rain-repellant finery---david hall, ace, joe nelson, me,leah...covering the strollers to keep the babies dry....barely saw porter or pyper!
david hall and ben on the monorail
because it was so rainy we didnt see many of the characters---but Cannon LOVED seeing Buzz LIghtyear---he's a big fan---Cannon talked about seeing Buzz for days!
On Sunday, we gathered at the church for the reason of the weekend---Pyper Lynn Webb's blessing.  Ben Webb's parents (lynn & judy webb) came in from Huntsville, Tx (they were at disney with us too---but jasmine didnt take any pictures of anyone but her kids apparently ----holla jas!)
Team Webb---Pyper is named for my sister pyper and both grandfathers---lynn webb and david lynn jeppson
pyper looks so much like Milo---and so much like Lyric at that same age---beautiful babies!
what a treasured photo---these three work very hard to stay close to each other---even if that means having babies at the same time! leah w/porter (8 weeks)....lyric w/pyper (3 weeks)....jas w/beth (7 months)
how the nelsons have energy to be fun, I'm amazed! Joe is in his 2nd year of medical school---leah is in her 4th year as the nurturer of boys---porter is in his 3rd month of this family!
dave and i do enjoy our babies' babies---milo and pyper in this picture
the hall family (ben was in the nursery)---living in new orleans seems to fit them well---david is an engineer at a Valero refinery---jasmine is a full-time student and chaser of all children Hall.
pyper looks like a doll---really---a doll---there is the hope of hair somewhere under that hairband! promise!
us with team webb
                                                                                  i look tired
ah---girl cousins! they dont know it now---but they will have to do a lot of plotting to keep up with the boys!
i love how the sons-in-law in the family are very friendly---we put them in charge of the pumpkin carving contest---very creative bunch this.
then we got the GREAT idea to do Anne Geddes pictures of the babies---in the pumpkin---did they think it was a great idea????? pyper---nope
                                                        porter still not liking it---cant imagine why

beth wouldnt really fit IN the pumpkin---so we put her on it---yeah---that went over well
cannon was a trooper---altho since he is potty training---this wasnt a stretch for him
bribed---um---i mean--rewarded Ben with a jelly bean for sitting

yeah---Milo was thrilled---even with the promise of a jelly bean---still not thrilled.
and Jonas wasnt having it AT ALL---not even with the promise of a jelly bean.
the final artwork---david hall did the disney castle on the left---ben webb did the 'disney' spelled out as a face in the middle and joe nelson did the buzz lightyear head on the right
pyper was so unaware of the importance of the weekend---its all about you, baby girl!
yeah---a little awkward, huh----there was a HUGE bathtub in the master bedroom---so the boys all got in---and apparently the big boys also---well, at least joe and ben! you can see ben hall and david in the mirror---ben just got out of the bath
jasmine is making tutus---and beth is a willing model---she made quite a few matching ones for pyper and beth.


Ashley said...

i love all the crying babies in pumpkin pictures!! so funny!

Ashley said...

I hope that along with being better at commentary she is also better at picture rotation ;)

Lyric said...

Ahhh, we need to CLARIFY that the guys were in swimsuits in that bath pic!

Rondi said...

You have the BEST family!!!

Katie said...

Love all the pictures....and I love your clarification Lyric. Though I had come to that conclusion myself, it is nice to know that I am not the only one who feels a little clarification is nice there.