this is me now


back again...

gotcha! not MY back---but i'm back again! in primary.....

it has been 23 years since i was in a Primary Presidency! I had just found out i was pregnant with Jasmine when I was called as primary president....LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago.

so 5 weeks ago I was called as 1st counselor in our Primary----working with the children 18 months to 12 years old....
I've missed the last 5 Sundays---between Pyper's birth---then Porter's blessing---then Pyper's blessing---been gone a today was my first actual day in Primary---and it wasnt a 'real' Primary---we were rehearsing for our Primary Program for next Sunday.

big fan of stickers

I am serving with Ashley Walker and also of this fame, Kim Dewey and Jesica Eastman----3 of the cutest little girls you would ever know---and yes---i can call them girls---I am totally old enough to be all their mothers! but they also each bring a very special spirit with them---so i'm excited.

In the 23 years since last i served in this capacity I have served with EVERY OTHER age group---and been primary music leader 2-3 times---

so i was a little worried---these are a bunch of little kids---and i dont have this age group in my home---but the minute i heard them sing all those familiar songs---saw their cute faces---watched them wiggle, pick their nose, scratch, wipe get the picture----it all settled in and i am so happy to be there!

wow---nothing sarcastic or cryptic or clever----what is wrong with me!?!


Katie said...

saw their cute faces---watched them wiggle, pick their nose, scratch, wipe get the picture-

This part really brought a smile to my face! I seem to be a Primary lifer - I am never out of it for more than a few months at a time - even when I get a different calling they usually find a second calling for me in Primary.

Michelle said...

You're awesome in Primary! I was always so glad to have you as the music leader when I was president. Made my job that much easier. I do have an argument though...weren't you in the presidency right after me with Sis. Ballard?

Merf said...

oh yes! I was---for a very short time i think!