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31...and a few days

as i said in my previous post---David brought Lyric and Milo here for a visit as my anniversary present---we've had a wonderful time---Ikea, In-n-Out burgers---watching Milo dance and sing (he is quite the performer)---Hurst water park...

thursday night (yesterday) was our one night to go out for dinner---i have Sound of Music shows Friday and Saturday----so i suggested we go out---David kinda hesitated and pulled a face---so i made sloppy joes---Qrewq2S2344CF2FA3WS 94Z9 (that was Jonas typing)----so we are chatting and i'm finishing up some dancing moose stuff2S433WS%DDrdrr$rdwwwwwwwUVza$uyfzx 2(thanks again jonas) ....there is a knock at the door----i see Cannon's face peeking in the side window! OH MY STINKIN GOSH!
there is leah and cannon and jonas! they drove up for the weekend!
David is out back gardening---so he comes in from the back door----WITH STINKIN JASMINE, BETH AND BEN!
everyone drove up! leah gets to stay for a long weekend (then is spending the month of July with us while Joe has time off school)....Jasmine is staying for 2 weeks! LLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAA!
cannon (2 1/2), ben (2 yrs 2 months), milo (22 months), beth (4 months), jonas (18 months)

so my house is totally unprepared----toys are not out----breakables not up---but that will get done----this morning i'm taking 5 grandkids to see Cars2---tomorrow we're seeing Cinderella Kids at Artisan----gotta go buy whole milk, diapers, formula, goldfish, fruit snacks, wipees....




today is David  & my THIRTY-STINKIN-FIRST wedding anniversary.

but this is not one of those sentimental posts---nah.

i have a cold
really----my throat hurts
i did my ethics show on friday night in Hot springs, arkanas---felt it a-comin
drove 6 hrs back home saturday morning to do a Sound of Music matinee---felt it a-rivin (get it---arriving---hey---that was clever)
sunday i went to church---played the organ--but didnt stay in nursery--not gonna get the kids sick and no way could i sustain that energy for 2 hours....slept til dinner (a most wonderful father's day dinner made by mwah)
stayed quiet most of monday---did a Sound of Music show---thank heavens for microphones.
i dont get sick often....and i dont stay sick for long

this morning---woke up----MY THROAT WAS ON FIRE---hurt so bad---my nose was running---"happy anniversary" "thanks---you too"....not moving from this bed....
david had said that he had a conference call at 8 and a meeting at 12---so we were going to go out between those to celebrate our anniversary (really? REALLY? 31 YEARS and you DONT remember THAT I DONT EAT BREAKFAST (well---at least in the morning i dont eat breakfast)----and WHY THE HECK am i being 'fitted-in' between meetings?????)  REALLY??????
so---he looks at me---TRYING TO BREATHE---nearly lifeless---and he says "dont worry about today---we'll  do it another time---it will be well worth your time" he leaves.
i have to go check out a hotel near the airport for our ethics show---so i drag myself out of bed...get to the hotel....check it out---and head home....think about runnin an errand or two....nope---goin home.
bbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring (thats the sound of my cell phone ringing)
its lyric
we chat
we keep chatting...bout how she should come visit before the baby comes.....
i drive up to my house---sit in the car to finish the conversation---
the door opens.
 lyric is at my door---in my house---talking to me! David flew her and Milo out for the week as my gift!
lyric made this shirt for the celebration!
thanks dj---you are the best


a bug

i have a bug
its overwhelming
insatiable...hmmmm...not sure that is the best word for this post---but its okay
i am in the craftiest of moods....the crafting bug
i also have a weakness
i dont finish
nope, not a finisher...this is why i dont sew---because my kids would have ended up walking around in clothes with no hems---no buttons----zippers? forgettaboutit.....
i need one week of nuthin---but who is kidding who---all i'll do is start
so---right now---i'm blogging----with facebook open (duh)----off to my left i have a knitting loom with yellow and white yarn---about 3 minutes away from finishing a newborn baby hat-on the cardtable in the front room i have my cricut (that even sounds like a bug!) up and have finished one project for it---have another that needs to get to me is a bunch of raffia to make flowers with another loom type thing---i've got about 8 flowers done---but no pin or alligator clips on them yet----have 3 baby hats done that need matching booties---2 have the booties done---just not the final stitching----i have 3 pairs of booties that are mid-stream-----
i made napkin rings out of wire and beads---turned out really cute---but now i have 6 more ` staring at me---pleading for a cute napkin ring
i should be taking pictures of all of this---i hate blogging without pictures---my phone is almost dead---but it doesnt take very good pictures---i hate my blackberry...but taking pictures would infer that i was going to finish this blog correctly----ha...see? i cant even finish an emoticonism!
i have 162++ cooking magazines waiting to be pulled apart (a bit of an exaggeration---but not alot)...and then try out the recipes i rip out
there are 3 baby hats (like you get from the hospital) waiting to have a cute edging put on.
my grandmother's 50 yr old hot pink chaise lounge is in my front room---waiting for me to find someone who knows how to reupholster---notice i didnt say that i would reupholster it---just have to find someone to pay to do it...
i have 2 grandbabies due in 10-12 weeks---so i need to do 2 blankets
i have a sock machine screaming at me to make socks.
....screaming so loud that i cant hear the laminator whining as it waits to laminate the church pictures my kids were supposed to get for christmas.
and i'm doing 3 Sound of Music shows this weekend---but when i'm not onstage---i'm crocheting baby booties or flowers for headbands...

bed made

none done...well---laundry is done---but people are still wearing clothes! and the dishwasher is full of clean dishes---but yes---we continue to eat AND USE DISHES....and i plan on sleeping bed made---yeah---not gonna happen.

jack of all trades---master of fact....i'm surprised that i've even finished this po


an eternal family

one of the most beautiful beliefs that we have, as a faith ---as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints---is that we believe the family unit is eternal----it is the basis for everything that God created----that we will be families into the eternities and be able to associate together and continue the family relationship we have enjoyed in this life.

may 2011---lyric & ben were able to come to dallas---bringing mr milo---and be sealed together as a family (with Pyper in utero)---there were many good friends and family that came for the wonderful ceremony.  Alysha Bond (Bonded Memories) took these pictures----it was a lovely day.

the happy family coming out of the temple----it was lovely---a perfect May day.
 hmmm---from left to right starting on the front row---lynn webb, judy webb, ben, milo & lyric, cannon nelson, me, jonas nelson, leah, abby dow, beth & jasmine, ben hall & david.  2nd row---michelle webb, todd webb, branson & claire (webb cousins) jeremy webb, lynn's college bff, ace, david, j howard davis, joe, eden schiffmann, pyper dow---and this was just the fam!
                                              i have this same picture with each of the girls' weddings at the temple
                                            cannon, jonas, ben, milo & beth----and my heart
                                                        the webb men---jeremy ben & todd
                                                        webb family in front of the spire of the dallas temple
 nelson family jonas 16 months, cannon 29 months, joe 750 months, charlie brown 30 weeks, leah----i'm exhausted!
 love this picture of jasmine and david trying to co-erce ben into coming over for a picture
                                                             the coersion worked!
 my sister, Pyper (yes----lyric's baby is going to be named Pyper) and her cute daughter, Abby, came for the ceremony!


dont get lazy---there are 3 new posts!


3 sisters

65 years ago, my mother and her two older sisters took this picture----so, my two sisters and i decided to re-create the picture for my mom's birthday---since we arent 17-25 years old---Alysha Bond (bonded memories) did some nice photoshopping to ease the show of time!

                                                            margo, lil, mary lou  circa 1945
                                                                meredith, eden, pyper circa 2011

pretty good likeness---dont you think!?!

my life on blackberry

i just downloaded 990 pictures off of my blackberry----they are from very long ago (this is the first time i've uploaded them---didnt know i had a media card---duh---and i hate my blackberry) to very here are some of my favorites---possibly very random.....but its where i've been and what i was lookin at and what was important at the moment...i am not going to bother putting these in chronological order---oh well...but i'll do my darnedest to tell you what was happening.
may 2011---ben hall came to visit us for 2 weeks sans parental units---we had a blast
may 2011---jonas, ben & cannon---ft worth water gardens

leah, cannon and lyric, may 2011---ft worth water gardens picnic
milo----must be 2011 because he has hair
my cute niece, abby---she came with her mom pyper for Lyric & Ben & Milo's sealing---may 2011---she loved Chip.
my nephew installed new fluorescent lights in the kitchen! june 2011
went to visit my mom in spring 2010---visited my dad too---altho he isnt there
                                             my sweet mom---and her red car---april 2010
joe graduated from BYU april 2010 in applied physics----cannon is trying to figure out what that means---so am i
dave and i took cannon and jonas back to texas with us on a plane while their parents drove a truck with all their stuff---his backpack is a leash!
jonas is the chillest happiest most independent baby! (we call him the boy in the other room)
may 2010 david hall graduated from lamar in electrical engineering---then off to his job in new orleans with valero oil refinery.
leah got her associates degree from Tarrant County College in August 2010!
Jonas figured out how to crawl while they were living at our house summer 2010---and i need a better phone camera.
sweet jonas---summer 2010
july 2010----me and dave went on a cruise to the caribbean with my sibs and their spices---thanks to my mom---this is pat, pyper, shelley on the beach in san juan, puerto rico

i will apologize to my grandsons in 15 years---christmas 2010? well-placed 's', Cannon!

October 2010 we went to a Jeppson reunion in Salt Lake---the man in the shorts is our dear foster son, Doug---got to visit with him and his wife and 3 daughters---it was great! (also shown---ben--lyric & milo---jasmine with the arm attitude)
toured the conference center---my aunt lil is a tour guide---family also got to see the taping of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's 100th anniversary show---the Prophet made an appearance!
lyric, ben & milo with salt lake temple in the background---oct 2010
ben, david & jasmine (beth in utero) with salt lake temple in the background---october 2010
cannon, leah, jonas & joe october 2010 in front of the salt lake temple
ace and my aunt lil on the roof of the convention center---with the slc temple in the background---oct 2010
dave, doug and i  october 2010
cannon, ben & jonas----october 2010 at the visitors center on Temple Square
david hall giving President Monson a high five---october 2010
ace shaking hands with President monson---october 2010
our version of theater seating---may 2011---cannon, milo, beth, jonas & ben
meals---leah, barely jasmine, david, lyric & ben---may 2011
beth! jun 2011
jonas---dec 2009----brand stinkin new
me and jonas---both of us worn out---december 2009
ace loves his nephews---summer 2010---think thats jonas
love this toothless grin of milo----early 2010
david & ben----hmmmm----orlando? spring break 2010---we took turns watching babies
milo was the only one not afraid of the big characters! universal studios---orlando march 2010
ben was terrified of one of the shows----so he clung to mommy but kept on looking---i think it was someone in character costume....orlando march 2010

 thanks to alysha bond for the pictures----obviously not from my phone!
                                          cannon, jonas, ben, milo & beth----my heart.