this is me now



today is David  & my THIRTY-STINKIN-FIRST wedding anniversary.

but this is not one of those sentimental posts---nah.

i have a cold
really----my throat hurts
i did my ethics show on friday night in Hot springs, arkanas---felt it a-comin
drove 6 hrs back home saturday morning to do a Sound of Music matinee---felt it a-rivin (get it---arriving---hey---that was clever)
sunday i went to church---played the organ--but didnt stay in nursery--not gonna get the kids sick and no way could i sustain that energy for 2 hours....slept til dinner (a most wonderful father's day dinner made by mwah)
stayed quiet most of monday---did a Sound of Music show---thank heavens for microphones.
i dont get sick often....and i dont stay sick for long

this morning---woke up----MY THROAT WAS ON FIRE---hurt so bad---my nose was running---"happy anniversary" "thanks---you too"....not moving from this bed....
david had said that he had a conference call at 8 and a meeting at 12---so we were going to go out between those to celebrate our anniversary (really? REALLY? 31 YEARS and you DONT remember THAT I DONT EAT BREAKFAST (well---at least in the morning i dont eat breakfast)----and WHY THE HECK am i being 'fitted-in' between meetings?????)  REALLY??????
so---he looks at me---TRYING TO BREATHE---nearly lifeless---and he says "dont worry about today---we'll  do it another time---it will be well worth your time" he leaves.
i have to go check out a hotel near the airport for our ethics show---so i drag myself out of bed...get to the hotel....check it out---and head home....think about runnin an errand or two....nope---goin home.
bbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring (thats the sound of my cell phone ringing)
its lyric
we chat
we keep chatting...bout how she should come visit before the baby comes.....
i drive up to my house---sit in the car to finish the conversation---
the door opens.
 lyric is at my door---in my house---talking to me! David flew her and Milo out for the week as my gift!
lyric made this shirt for the celebration!
thanks dj---you are the best


Michelle said...

What a nice daughter you have! Happy anniversary!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Feel better soon!