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31...and a few days

as i said in my previous post---David brought Lyric and Milo here for a visit as my anniversary present---we've had a wonderful time---Ikea, In-n-Out burgers---watching Milo dance and sing (he is quite the performer)---Hurst water park...

thursday night (yesterday) was our one night to go out for dinner---i have Sound of Music shows Friday and Saturday----so i suggested we go out---David kinda hesitated and pulled a face---so i made sloppy joes---Qrewq2S2344CF2FA3WS 94Z9 (that was Jonas typing)----so we are chatting and i'm finishing up some dancing moose stuff2S433WS%DDrdrr$rdwwwwwwwUVza$uyfzx 2(thanks again jonas) ....there is a knock at the door----i see Cannon's face peeking in the side window! OH MY STINKIN GOSH!
there is leah and cannon and jonas! they drove up for the weekend!
David is out back gardening---so he comes in from the back door----WITH STINKIN JASMINE, BETH AND BEN!
everyone drove up! leah gets to stay for a long weekend (then is spending the month of July with us while Joe has time off school)....Jasmine is staying for 2 weeks! LLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAA!
cannon (2 1/2), ben (2 yrs 2 months), milo (22 months), beth (4 months), jonas (18 months)

so my house is totally unprepared----toys are not out----breakables not up---but that will get done----this morning i'm taking 5 grandkids to see Cars2---tomorrow we're seeing Cinderella Kids at Artisan----gotta go buy whole milk, diapers, formula, goldfish, fruit snacks, wipees....



Mother of the Wild Boys said...


Sharon said...

Cute picture! How did you get them all to sit still for a picture? Hope you are feeling better.

Katie said...

So fun! I wish we could get all our babies together on our side - all the Charlotte kids are getting too old to toddle around like that and look so cute.

Rondi said...

Wow, what a fun time. Aren't grandchildren just the best?! Loved the picture of your growing family (grandchildren, how many now?). When you wrote all the things you have to buy, I thought goodness I am not the only one who does such things.