this is me now



tender times....
no, jas hasnt had her baby----but i got to see in her a patience and calm that i know she didnt get from me! the dr says she isnt engaged....her body is not we do ultrasounds and wait.....i'm not a good waiter....but jasmine is such a happy, pleasant person. She is going to be a terrific mom---if that baby ever lets her! :) jasmine and david have put together a darling nursery....pirates everywhere....i got elbow deep in stain as i worked on a pirate ship wheel and and anchor for baby Ben's room.
so maybe i dont have the mad skills that i claimed with cannon....apparently ben hall has his own thoughts....fine....i can deal with that. also got to spend some time with lyric & ben....what a cute couple. they are so nurturing to each other and focused on planning their life together. Ben is tender, funny and a list-maker.....he will totally fit in.
went to a Lamar University basketball game with david, jas, lyric, ben and a bunch of other singles from the institute (church)....that was fun....before the game we had dinner at the institute....links, burgers, boudain (blecch) and dirty rice----so i had a burger bun with dirty rice in it.....mmmmmmmm. Jas & david dont have i watched Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 6 that can watch each scene individually or the movie as a whole.
i love having the girls in beaumont, I am able to rekindle all sorts of friendships with people i knew when we lived there 20 years ago.
pictures will be coming----i left my camera cord in beaumont! i'm going back on saturday to wait out the baby and get final stuff done for the wedding.


jasmine at 39 weeks

...jas is due in 3 days.....but baby ben is comfortable...and jasmine is too (for 39 weeks)....what a uneventful pregnancy.

ya know---i am fine giving advice about babies and newborns etc...but this whole pregnancy thing....having experienced it once 20 years ago....thank heavens for google! my babies call me for advice....i am googling for the answer!


three pretty dresses

3 pretty of the fun things about the wedding planning is planning what I'm going to wear----how I will match the theme....what image do i want to project? (i dont know why this is underlined---and i cant figure out how to make it stop---oh well)....i browse thru catalogs to find the dress that will not outshine the bride---like that would EVER would have to fulfill these requirements:

  • comfortable
  • flowy
  • something i might actually wear again
  • might think that is the same as comfortable---but its not----the dress has to let me move
  • not make me look frumpy....i hate looking frumpy
  • not too showy
this is my pretty sage green dress at leah's wedding...okay---i know you cant really see it well...i'll see about scanning in pictures to get a better view...but its long and flowy and sequiny---very pretty

this is me (with a tiny Ace!) at Jasmine's wedding---ignore the hair----this was multi-tiered, flowy....very pretty
this is what i've chosen for lyric's----the bottom is chiffon...flowy---see a pattern? one thing i've decided.....i'm going to make sure I get a picture of me with my daughter in her wedding dress! i must have been too busy before....that whole biblical Mary/Martha controversy---look it up...anyway....i like my wedding dresses! flowy, not-too-showy.


the men in my little girls' lives.....

are you humming that song? I used to want my dad (well, truthfully....i wanted to sing it...but that wouldnt make sense) to sing this song at my wedding...still makes me cry.... Jasmine and David...he accepts the post of patriarch of the children....working at an engineering firm and going to school full-time---graduates in electrical engineering in a year....he always keeps me guessing...i think i've figured him out and he surprises me....very focused on doing the right thing and planning for the future....a steelers fan----but we accept that....will be interesting to see him as a dad of an out of control 18 month old baby boy! Joe & Leah----graduates in a year in physics---then off to medical school? these two are very well matched....almost too well....they care and take care of each other....and love their baby boy and the Lord. Their life is a bit, poor starving students...but they've made good friends in Utah and have a great support system. He doesnt like fast food! wow!
I've only met Ben twice---so time will tell....but he is a mediator and calming influence...a necessary and appreciated skill in the drama which is us.....graduates in may in electrical engineering and will be looking for a job while lyric finishes nursing school. think we may intimidate him at this point......really? us? intimidating!?
anyway---i want to take a moment to pay homage to the men in my little girls' lives...each boy could have their own post....and probably will at some point....interesting to see what my girls are drawn to....and to see how close they married their father! Dave, darlings' prince charmings.....

Dave & Joe have established themselves in the family....ace loves them as older brothers....we love them as sons....i have no doubt Ben will be the same...i've already watched him run around jas' apartment shooting elastic bands at ace.... he'll fit in nicely.

good job ladies


apron strings

.....lovely things----they keep your apron protecting your pretty clothes....they provide a lovely bow on your backside....
.....My mom came for 10 days---we had a lovely visit. She paired my socks and cleaned the top of my dryer....she fussed over how busy i am and if i am happy....she ordered pizza delivery (we never do pizza delivery!) My sister, Eden (this is her helping to set up for Jasmine's baby shower during the holidays) brought mom up from Austin area and the three of us goofed around for 2 1/2 days----thru an ice storm----doing wedding invitations and was is a picture of some of the flowers we did.... Tiny tiny roses....too girly? hmmmm...not sure...but i guess for a wedding....then again...when else would someone be wearing a bouttoniere?

another bouttoniere---check that spelling, merf.....anyway---we did a variety of them so the guys can choose one that they looks bigger than it is---the flowers are tiny.

my mom did this next one---she is amazing---has done the flowers for all of her daughters' weddings...many many years the color combination....and I take credit for the pink ribbon addition...Lyric's colors are pastels---full will be beautiful.

Eden made this one---her first time doing this kind of stuff---she did a great job! back to apron strings----the ties that bind.....comfort food....comfort people. My mom is a comfort person....Eden is a comfort person. I treasure these apron strings that have held for so many years and across so many miles. I find that I dont have "hang-out" friends in my life---and I am lacking because of sisters and daughters are my best friends....but they are far away----and my daughters dont need a friend and a mom----so i'd prefer to retain the mom part....I love my mom as my mom.
apron strings----i'm trying very hard to be a big girl and let go....but it goes against the grain and i hate missing out on things....even if i only think i am missing out on things...but i have to try to let my daughters be big girls and be themselves and live their lives....its good for them...

but not for me.