this is me now


three pretty dresses

3 pretty of the fun things about the wedding planning is planning what I'm going to wear----how I will match the theme....what image do i want to project? (i dont know why this is underlined---and i cant figure out how to make it stop---oh well)....i browse thru catalogs to find the dress that will not outshine the bride---like that would EVER would have to fulfill these requirements:

  • comfortable
  • flowy
  • something i might actually wear again
  • might think that is the same as comfortable---but its not----the dress has to let me move
  • not make me look frumpy....i hate looking frumpy
  • not too showy
this is my pretty sage green dress at leah's wedding...okay---i know you cant really see it well...i'll see about scanning in pictures to get a better view...but its long and flowy and sequiny---very pretty

this is me (with a tiny Ace!) at Jasmine's wedding---ignore the hair----this was multi-tiered, flowy....very pretty
this is what i've chosen for lyric's----the bottom is chiffon...flowy---see a pattern? one thing i've decided.....i'm going to make sure I get a picture of me with my daughter in her wedding dress! i must have been too busy before....that whole biblical Mary/Martha controversy---look it up...anyway....i like my wedding dresses! flowy, not-too-showy.


Olivia Carter said...

Great pick! It's a beautiful dress!

AnonymousPrincess said...

I feel cheated! Put on your dress...Ill put on mine and we`ll take a picture! hehehe Not really. You looked, look, and will always look beautiful mommy!

Christie said...

Hehehe...I want to see a pic of Jas in her wedding dress right about now!

Michelle said...

Eric and I want to know what is going on in the first picture?

Meredith said...

leah surprised Joe with a traditional Thai wedding tradition---the couple kneel while the elders of the family give them advice---then pour a bit of water from a shell on their hands that are laced together with a flower garland. we did this with the family watching in the relief society room right before the reception

Lyric said...

that picture is a little bit deceiving...looks like they are having some alternative style wedding ceremony.

i also vote towards the motion to see jasmine currently in her wedding dress.

and mom, congratulations on the dress. im jealous!

Anonymous said...

You could never look frumpy, regardless of the dress you wear! What about the father of the bride. How should he look?

Eden said...

I love all the dresses .... definitely flowy, and you always look good in the selections you make. Love the pink.