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road trip

 My nephew Michael got married to Amanda Saul in Quincy, Il on July 20, 2013----so what better reason for a road trip for the aunts! Pyper flew in from California, Eden drove up from Austin---and we three piled into our car and drove 12 hours to Quincy.  We sang everything from Eminem to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to Carrie Underwood to Michael Jackson----had a great time together.  Our first dinner there was Ruby Tuesday----a lot of emotional history for me at Ruby Tuesday---but I pushed thru it and had some amazing chicken noodle soup!
 I tried to take a picture---but you know what i look like!
 Friday was spent shopping at Cato's (sorry David)----then the wedding party had the rehearsal while THE AUNTS decorated for the rehearsal dinner.  Mike and Mandy are both MAJOR musicians---so of course our theme was music----then we all meandered over to Culvers---TRADITION!  (left to right---Austin, 18, Michael 29, Carrie (gf of Luke) and Jake (22)
 left to right---matt---father of the groom---my kid brother---=-his wife shelley---there is carrie again---eden---one of the aunts---my big sister
 more of the table----pyper---baby sister----Pat---married to my brother marc---she is one of THE AUNTS---a nicer person you'll never meet----marc---big brother---fancies himself quite a photographer
 brian---brother of the groom----this is the nephew (with his wife ashley and my other nephew jake) that stayed with us last summer killing bugs.
                                                                    Charlie's angels!
                                                                  me and my mom---the best
                                                        sitting around waiting for the wedding
                                                        these were on the ends of the pews----what a great idea!
                                                            matt escorting mom
                                                                     mike looked so happy
                                                           matt's oldest grandson, Elliot, was the ring bearer---nailed it

                                                                eden and mom
                                                             just so you think its only me---this is marc
                                                           luke(21) and marc dancing together at the wedding----um---yeah

it was a great weekend---we then turned around and drove to Kansas City and dropped Pyper off at the airport and eden and I cruised back to fort worth---and she hopped in her car and drove home to Lago Vista (near Austin).

What a blessing that, having been siblings for 44-63 years---we really enjoy being together---the only ones that werent there (other than spouses) was My oldest brother Ace and his wife Judy---and they were missed---Judy always adds to the conversation with her infectious laugh.

so----to the next grandchild to get married-----we'll gladly do this again!


mid-life crisis----or just too much time spent on Craigslist?

                                got a 1999 Chevy Cavalier Convertible ---- took the boys for a ride--- with our sunglasses of course! they weren't sure of the wind or the HEAT----but it was a cool ride.
 so after we put up the top----milo conked out
                                        apparently these rims are really impressive---who knew?
                                          pink hair chalk at my nephew's wedding----and straightened hair----                                                I may need an intervention