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warm and fuzzy forgotten carols

.....and even as i wallow in my miserable life, the Lord reminds me of opportunities given to get out of myself---one being the perform as Sarah in Michael McLean's "Forgotten Carols".  a beautiful show at Artisan Theater in Hurst right now (til dec 22) that reminds you of those around us that have found Christ and dont 'toot' their own horn----and those who still need to find Christ in their lives.

Thank you Dee Ann for giving me the opportunity to push myself out of my character comfort zone and to call on the powers of Christmas miracles to be able to sing Sarah's part.


dont read this if you want to be all warm and fuzzy

i'm grateful that 2012 is almost over....ever have a year that you just breathe thru?---barely breathing.

Thanksgiving was HORRIBLEAWFULTERRIBLE----dave had surgery on monday (this is not about david---he is fine---the only reason that was brought up was to add to the stress---if you want to know how david is---read his clever blog)---i got sick on thursday---it was just the two of us----so david went to golden corral with brother davis for thanksgiving movie tradition turkey eaten-----
Eden & Bill came up from austin on Friday---did their best to make it a 'holiday'---saw my show (forgotten carols)---that is always fun....
leah and family came up friday night----she was sick---jonas was sick----leah and joe saw the show on saturday matinee---they tried very hard to make it a nice visit..........makes it very hard when they leave---wow i'm really a debbie-downer
had 2 christmas miracles as i was able to sing my song----truly an answer to prayer.
sunday was a major implosion----rough morning anyway---normal sunday---but usually i can pull my way thru it----then i had to direct the opening song of sacrament meeting----Joy to the world----really?-----more stupid dagnabit information about ace---about a minute before church starts---somehow he is in michigan---having been kicked out of places in dallas and new orleans----and us not knowing anything where he was for a week---and now michigan????----nothing but worser and worser-----sam is fine-----but seems to alternate weeks of texting me how much he hates me and then how much he loves me----and molly----well---she has announced it----she is pregnant----ashton's dad took him---so they are in a custody battle that molly probably shouldnt win at this point----so why do people think they are being encouraging and supportive by "liking" the situation of a 22 yr old pregnant again in a custody battle with baby daddy #1 and no baby daddy #2----hmmmmm?
i have tendonitis in my foot---hurts like the dickens----and i have a tremor in my left hand---which is kinda cool to watch---but it hurts my elbow...a lot
after the opening song---i walked down the aisle---tears flowing----spent the rest of church crying, walking around the building, leah came and found me----so we walked around the building----sundays are so hard

oh---and president obama was re-elected....and they cancelled Last Resort----and nikki minaj is an american idol judge----stupid 2012
i'm grateful that 2012 is almost over.
and if 2013 isnt better----then i'm going to be less peppy---a lot

we'll see how long this post stays up...and of course Lyric reads this but doesnt comment----stupid 2012.