this is me now


update on kisses....

well well well---thats a misleading title!

caramel apple Hershey kisses---very nice! you can totally taste the apple.

pumpkin spice---surprisingly DELICIOUS! and I dont really like pumpkin pie---but they are subtle and soft and really good.


seriously, serious....

who will i vote for? what are the key issues?
raised republican....more moderate as i get older....history of interested ambivalence.

key issues:
  • abortion---number one to me---cant vote for pro-choice---cant do it---
  • supreme court nominees---this is the lasting legacy--and they will decide my number one.
  • universal health care---think it shouldnt be so hard to get healthcare---but dont know how to pay for it.

the other issues

---war---we gotta finish it---anyone who says different is blowing finish it? i said this years ago---send in bullhorns and busses---tell everyone that we will be flattening their area in 8 days (lucky number in china)---they can leave or not---send the filled busses to their Arab cousins in the surrounding countries---set off the biggest bug bomb EVER.....the last one out turn off the lights...we dont pay to rebuild----we just leave and let them start over...that'll keep them busy for awhile

---immigration---which ethnic group do we decide cant come? make them pay taxes.

....environment---sorry---be clean, recycle, dont be wasteful---but find oil.

I have an agreement with the Higher Power.

I vote if:

  • its not raining
  • i have my voters registration card on me
  • the line isnt long
  • i happen to be in the area
  • i'm in town

i know, i know---go ahead---


...not again...i'm sensing a trend....

oh no! Chip....Mo....whats wrong? why so serious?'re right---the refrigerator door is closed.....
not by the computer either............................
not playing cards----not doing the polar bear dice joke.................
the wii.....unused...............................
the the garage....................(focus on the bike, folks....not the garage)
not at the dinner table...................nothing.....he's nowhere......
oh....that's right........but it's okay---he'll be home at 3:45~!


...a hobby....

which ones havent you tried? Me? green tea, hazelnut (these are only available in asia) ---havent seen pumpkin spice or caramel apple or the cheesecake---that would be really good--of course the champagne would not be an option---avoiding the very appearance.....yep---tried all the others!
Milk Chocolate
Dulce de Leche (white chocolate caramel filled)
Caramel Filled
Peanut butter Filled
Cherry Cordial Creme Filled
Dark Chocolate
Green Tea
Creamy Milk Chocolate
Creamy Milk Chocolate with Almonds
Crunchy Cookie
New York Style Cheesecake
Orange Creme
Vanilla Creme
Lemon Creme
Coconut Creme
TRIO (dark, milk and white chocolates in one KISS)
Chocolate Marshmallow
Vanilla Yogurt Creme (not to be confused with the Vanilla Creme)
Chocolate Truffle
Mint Truffle
Special Dark Strawberry
Champagne Truffle
Neopolitan (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors)
Milk Chocolate Filled with Marshmallow Creme
Caramel Apple
Candy Corn
Pumpkin Spice
This is a hobby i've had for a long time----but its getting more time-consuming as Hershey comes out with new flavors of chocolate kisses....i dont bother with dark chocolate---only white or milk chocolate....this will be updated periodically as i get the other flavors.
new flavor---chocolate marshmallow---there isnt any white center---its just a really sweet chocolate---some people have said they taste smore's----not me---its just a sweeter chocolate...david thinks it tastes like black licorice.
traditional original plain old hershey chocolates---yum---if there arent any others around---best used on peanut butter favorite cookies EVER.
I collect hershey kisses---nothing dark chocolate---but if it is a candy kiss and its new---i'll try it----this is the best ever---cordial cherry.
these are brand new----candy corn---they are white chocolate with and orange layer and a yellow thin bottom layer---the taste is very soft and subtle...very smooth....mmmmmmmmmmmmm....chocolate with almonds.......a classic.....
caramel in the middle----really gooey---one of the first 'gourmet' kissescookies & cream----white chocolate with little cookie crumbs in it----yummy.

From wikipedia:

The Kisses are one of the most popular candies in the US. In 1989, the chocolate drops were the 5th most popular chocolate in the United States, spawning sales that topped $400 million dollars. More than 80 million Hershey's Kisses are produced each day at the company's two factories. Today's Kisses use Hershey's original milk chocolate formula.
In 2006 Hershey's Kissables were introduced as a bite sized, candy coated alternative to Kisses.

from me---kissables are HORRIBLE!

more wikipedia:

Hershey's Kisses were introduced in 1907. A common myth is that the name comes from an appropriation of a common industry term for a dab of chocolate. However, the "kissing" action by the machines used to make the chocolate is the reason. In a strange court case, hard rock band Kiss filed suit against the Pennsylvania-based company for, what drummer Peter Criss stated "stealing their well-known name.




chloe.....what's wrong? car is gone ......... and only one french horn, where two used to be..... no---not on the couch watching a movie........not at the computer (look at the screen---its on facebook).......
not in the chair by my computer..........
not outside on the swing talking on the shower is empty.........not napping...........not on the computer in her room.........
oh...this cant be good........oh.... thats right.......


....leave me alone!...and other bummed out musings

1. its okay to sleep...leave me alone.
2. a wonderful summer....i'm not excited for school to start....this is a first for me! next week i will sulk...leave me alone.
3. why doesnt my garage stinking clean itself...and no, i wont clean it until the weather cools down...leave me alone.
4. no, i dont want to participate in a garage sale...leave me alone.
5. yes, i do love my barky little dogs---all of them...leave me alone.
6. why do i have to get men's attention only by whining or throwing a bit of a fit, stomping my foot---and i'm not only talking about my husband! and when the problem is solved, it doesnt matter because i had to demand it...leave me alone!
7. you cant have too many:
purses, shoes, baby clothes
...leave me alone.
8. no, i dont know who i am going to vote for....leave me alone.
9. and no, there doesnt have to be 10 on this list to make it complete....leave me alone.


back to the world according to me.....

i have lost sight----maybe life is too good---but my recent posts have not been nearly as cynical, ascerbic, sarcastic and 'this is the way it is' enough---so hear goes---lets try to twist things back to straight...
  • i have two grandkids on the way-----one is 1200 miles away and the other is 300 miles! and these births are distracting me from maybe auditioning again for an Artisan show---dagnabit.
  • i have new floors---gorgeous---but now my living room carpet is looking dingier than ever! and do i like my grayish walls---nay---love my gray walls enough to use said color in my living room? and can i have beige/sand walls in one room with gray walls in the next?
  • where do i put my maps of the world with my push-pins denoting LDS temples? I cant cover my new gray walls.

  • i am travelling with dancingmoose and loving it....but i may miss the birth of my first grandchild cause i have a show on the 8th of november and one on the 14th!

  • had lovely vacations this year----nauvoo/freeport, san antonio weekend, dave & ace on high adventure---but none of these involved a cruise or mickey mouse ears.
  • lyric cleaned her room....and lyric is leaving me....but then i get to re-do her room---but she is still leaving me....who will i live vicariously thru now?

  • waitin on a woman---a country western song i like---and love the video.

  • i cant find which marching band did P.M.'s Love Theme from Love Actually....and was it even Ronald Reagan High School that performed it?

  • i love the olympics----not the pomp and certainly not the circumstance---but the sports-----hence, i spend way too much time watching fencing, badminton, women's weightlifting---really? we love china right now---but it will be the evil empire again right after....and why am i always looking to see if that athlete is really happy because he won or because now his government wont send him to Siberia for losing!

  • i'm coloring my hair tonight---reddish i think----time again---its been too long---but why cant i find a nice cotton-candy pink?



5 hours....
15 bands.....

and so it starts


Krape Park

yeah---read that name backwards---still krape park---how cool is that!
yes Ace, the sun was bright!
my niece, Amy, and my mom
two of my brothers---Matt & Marc
yes---thats me with Ace on a teeter totter
Leah and Joe (with a pole in front of his face) on the carousel
Ace & David on the teeter totter
a very cool Ace on the carousel---we didnt have to twist his arm to get on it!
Austin & David on the duck paddleboats

This is the best park ever----has a carousel, multiple play areas, tennis courts, an old fire-engine and a fire pole to swing down, a duck pond, miniature golf (did anyone else ever call it 'goofy golf'?), band shell for concerts, waterfall, frisbee golf...all this in a small town! its a wonderful park. We had a cook-out there and then everyone was off to play.

Balloon release at the cemetery

Saturday morning of our reunion was beautiful---blue sky, cool temperature (especially for those of us from Texas, Arizona, California or South Carolina!) We headed to the cemetery to visit my dad. We took family pictures at the cemetery---
David, Jasmine, Joe, Leah, Me David, Ace, Lyric & My mom in front
the whole group getting ready to take a picture--always centered around mom. mom with all of her single grandsons---cute boys all....okay---now i'm starting to sound cheesy.
the original Ensigns---Marc, Me, Matt & Ace in back....Eden, Mom & Pyper in front.

...My dad passed away in February of 2001....he is buried in a lovely spot in Freeport, Il. The quote "wise men still adore him" was a sign that dad put out every year at Christmas...say it two ways ---WISE men still adore him---and wise men STILL adore him......He gets to see Menard's (like Home Depot) and the new Super Walmart---he would be very happy.... he loved those stores....are there hardware stores in Heaven?every year on his birthday, my mom and my brother & his family go out to the site and release balloons of every color---starting with blue (dad's favorite color) and ending with green (mom's favorite color)....this year with the reunion there must have been 60 balloons released.funny how even adults are entertained in watching balloons float up into the sky and out of sight .and we pruned around Dad's gravesite---he was meticulous in his lawncare---so keeping his gravesite pruned is totally in keeping with what he would want....the boys (and Mom during the year) prune around the marker with scissors! :)