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Balloon release at the cemetery

Saturday morning of our reunion was beautiful---blue sky, cool temperature (especially for those of us from Texas, Arizona, California or South Carolina!) We headed to the cemetery to visit my dad. We took family pictures at the cemetery---
David, Jasmine, Joe, Leah, Me David, Ace, Lyric & My mom in front
the whole group getting ready to take a picture--always centered around mom. mom with all of her single grandsons---cute boys all....okay---now i'm starting to sound cheesy.
the original Ensigns---Marc, Me, Matt & Ace in back....Eden, Mom & Pyper in front.

...My dad passed away in February of 2001....he is buried in a lovely spot in Freeport, Il. The quote "wise men still adore him" was a sign that dad put out every year at Christmas...say it two ways ---WISE men still adore him---and wise men STILL adore him......He gets to see Menard's (like Home Depot) and the new Super Walmart---he would be very happy.... he loved those stores....are there hardware stores in Heaven?every year on his birthday, my mom and my brother & his family go out to the site and release balloons of every color---starting with blue (dad's favorite color) and ending with green (mom's favorite color)....this year with the reunion there must have been 60 balloons released.funny how even adults are entertained in watching balloons float up into the sky and out of sight .and we pruned around Dad's gravesite---he was meticulous in his lawncare---so keeping his gravesite pruned is totally in keeping with what he would want....the boys (and Mom during the year) prune around the marker with scissors! :)

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Olivia Carter said...

I love the idea of releasing balloons at the cemetery. I've seen it done on birthdays & such. There's just something so joyous & hopefully about colorful balloons floating away in the sky- love it!