this is me now


Krape Park

yeah---read that name backwards---still krape park---how cool is that!
yes Ace, the sun was bright!
my niece, Amy, and my mom
two of my brothers---Matt & Marc
yes---thats me with Ace on a teeter totter
Leah and Joe (with a pole in front of his face) on the carousel
Ace & David on the teeter totter
a very cool Ace on the carousel---we didnt have to twist his arm to get on it!
Austin & David on the duck paddleboats

This is the best park ever----has a carousel, multiple play areas, tennis courts, an old fire-engine and a fire pole to swing down, a duck pond, miniature golf (did anyone else ever call it 'goofy golf'?), band shell for concerts, waterfall, frisbee golf...all this in a small town! its a wonderful park. We had a cook-out there and then everyone was off to play.

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