this is me now


seriously, serious....

who will i vote for? what are the key issues?
raised republican....more moderate as i get older....history of interested ambivalence.

key issues:
  • abortion---number one to me---cant vote for pro-choice---cant do it---
  • supreme court nominees---this is the lasting legacy--and they will decide my number one.
  • universal health care---think it shouldnt be so hard to get healthcare---but dont know how to pay for it.

the other issues

---war---we gotta finish it---anyone who says different is blowing finish it? i said this years ago---send in bullhorns and busses---tell everyone that we will be flattening their area in 8 days (lucky number in china)---they can leave or not---send the filled busses to their Arab cousins in the surrounding countries---set off the biggest bug bomb EVER.....the last one out turn off the lights...we dont pay to rebuild----we just leave and let them start over...that'll keep them busy for awhile

---immigration---which ethnic group do we decide cant come? make them pay taxes.

....environment---sorry---be clean, recycle, dont be wasteful---but find oil.

I have an agreement with the Higher Power.

I vote if:

  • its not raining
  • i have my voters registration card on me
  • the line isnt long
  • i happen to be in the area
  • i'm in town

i know, i know---go ahead---


jackson family said...

this is not about politics...all though I vote for my party through adn through beside s the fact that there is no one good running anymore so it is bad or
I can not remember how to put the update thing on my blog ask amy she told me saves a TON of time for me in teh blog world

Olivia Carter said...

I won't say you need to vote. (I dmean, I do believe STRONGLY in voting.) But it does sound like you have some pretty STRONG feelings about certain political ideas. I just might do some research. I've found the more I learn, the more I'm driven to vote. Just my advice.

Cathy said...

that is hilarious!! The very first time I was eligible to vote it iced all day. Didnt vote!!

Jackie said...

You sound a lot like me. I am apparently more moderate than I thought when I was younger - Derek "accused" me of being Democratic the other day! :) I like a lot of the ideas the dems are tossing around (like universal health care), but it needs to be paid for somehow and I'm not too enthusiastic about higher taxes. I like Obama much more than I like McCain (and his VP's issues in the news right now are driving me nuts!), but he scares me. I haven't fully decided anything yet - need to watch the rep convention this week first.