this is me now


reaction line---

okay---i pimped out---er---i mean---i individualized my reaction line (look close---its the choice of words describing how you feel about my post)---thanks to a suggestion by mother of the wild boys---anyway---now i am noticing that there are 3 comments on my previous post---an post that is obviously a cry for attention---and one of the posts are mine ( i think---i'll check in a moment)---AND THERE ARE 5 REACTIONS--that means that AT LEAST two of you didnt comment---and yes...i know i dont always comment on your blogposts---but when it was such an obvious cry for sympathy---or as cryptic a cry as i can do---go ahead and use the reaction line---then post on the comment section what your reaction was i can feel changing my reaction line..and btw---arent they clever choices? (ANOTHER blatant cry for response)



if i'da known it was this hard to re-enact history i'd nevera tried it---i'm headin off to the western territories....i'm not having it---i been here before


is it just me?

does everyone talk to their children---non-homebound children----everyday---um---even multiple times per day---for random trivial one minute blurbs up to hour-long deep serious conversations on how to save the world.....and when you have multiple children that means multiple multiple conversations.+------or is it just me?

does everyone feel a sense of goneness when they dont talk to their children---everyday---multiple times per day---including fb chats, skype-ing, email, texting AND voice calls?---or is it just me?

would anyone else have DIED if they had lived BEFORE said technology allowed such interaction---or is it just me?