this is me now


Dear Santa,

oh my gosh...:) i have been SOOOOOOO good this year.


i have a crush on....

4 little boys...

john cannon you ever get over the oldest? the first? Cannon is a thinker---a flirt---he watches tv like his mom---which means fixed....he ponders on things before reacting---like his dad----he loves music and lights and buttons---like all 13 month olds....he and i got to bond while mommy & daddy got used to having #2 around (see #4)

benjamin aaron hall----the smiler---the poser---who can resist those dimples and bright eyes? he loves the computer....especially when his parents are using it! walking at 9 1/2 months, what mischief he'll get into!

Ethan Milo Webb----4 months old---a beautiful little baby---just starting to make a statement---thats not true---this kid made noise the day he was born!

brother nelson----cant put his name down yet---but expect to by the end of the day---he made a quick entrance into the world----a couple of pushes by mom and he was here---dark hair----early pictures tell us he will be his own man---dark hair and different face than his brother....time will tell!



20 years ago I colored my hair cotton candy pink----by accident----and I loved it....since then I have been on a journey searching for that hair color again.....i tried to re-create my mistake---to no avail....and I'm not afraid of color---for sure....i've had blue, purple, hot pink, orange, blood red and auburn hair over the years....always wishing it was cotton candy pink. I understand pink is not one of the colors God intended for us to have for hair....something for Him & I to discuss in the future....I dont have a show for 2 months, so now is the PERFECT time to continue my search.
I hate the mall. Really....hate it. But I went to the mall find pink hair dye....I've tried Sally's Beauty Supply....I've tried a couple of different kinds.....never the right one.....I ask strangers where they get their hair color----but its usually permanent ( and I dont do permanent)... but I went to the mall in search of cotton candy. I walked into Hot Topic---pretty sure I dont fit their demographic....but i walked up to the multi-pierced little girl at the cash register and asked her about hair color...she jumped at the chance...they have temporary (wash-in/wash-out) color---but i cant be bothered with coloring it everyday....they have permanent....nope----she suggested i try spencers ----gulp---not a store i'm comfortable strolling around---but this post really isnt about hair color...its about me hating malls.
why i hate malls
  • malls dont have grocery carts.
  • malls dont have drive-up anything.
  • really? is our mall so hoop-te-doo that we need old security guards strolling around on segues....i love paul blart and all....but really?
  • is there anything sadder than people trying to put lotion on my hands from a kiosk---not even a real store! if i needed lotion---wouldnt i be going into Bath & Bodyworks right there across from your kiosk?
  • Maybee New York? hmmm---does anyone in Hurst, Texas really think they are possibly---even maybe--- in New York? well---unless you've seen the clothes in the window of that store---those mannequins belong on a corner in a not-so-well-lit neighborhood of downtown new york city---if you get my drift----( oh my gosh---i sound like my mother!)
  • Coach----not one piece of sports equipment. whats up with that.
  • walking thru a mall at christmas-time sucks the very spirit of the season out of me---seeing people trudge around toting huge bags of overpriced fruu-fruu----really---you can get that same pink boa at dollar-tree for your 3 yr old!

the only good reason to go to the mall---and i use the word good loosely---is the food court---i always park near it--so I have to walk thru it to enter and to leave! WHY?



tender mercies....

on this, the first Sabbath of the Christmas season, I take pause to give thanks for the things that bring me such joy and calm in my life....before i get wrapped up in the pleasure and clamor of the season...
  • I am grateful for a Savior who knows me and knows what I need...not necessarily giving me what I want....imagine....i'm still figuring this out.
  • I am grateful for parents who raised me right.
  • I am grateful for a husband who says "yes---your hair will look great pink"...and then walks away before adding "but...."....cause i know he is thinkin it.
  • I am grateful for a teenage son who likes to talk to me and gets my jokes....and gets it when i'm NOT joking.
  • I am grateful for daughters who share their wows and woes....who let me laugh and cry with them....
  • i am grateful for cute sons-in-laws who are still a bit afraid....hmmm....maybe intimidated is a better word....of/by me....they'll soon figure out I'm a lot of hot air.
  • I'm grateful for sisters who call to belly-ache about their lives---and share their adventures....what a joy to like your sisters as friends. btw...i like my brothers too---but, its not the same......hugs to marc, ace & matt!
  • i'm grateful for extended family----hmmmm---dont like that wording---i'm grateful for family's families....the sibs of my hub....the kids of my sibs....the kids of my sibs' facebook/blog/farmtown friends.
  • my cup runneth over with family.


where my heart lies.... know i like my kids---and kinda fond of my grandbabies....and mildly interested in marching band....and semi-addicted to chocolate.....but if you want to know where my heart truly it is the most beautiful thing i've ever makes me smile to think of makes me happy to think of cooking with it

a dual crock pot----yes, folks---not just one crock pot---but two---with individual controls---whoever thought of this should be sainted! i am planning the meals right now that i will cook using TWO crock pots in one (alright---i already have 4 crock pots---but each has a special use)---

and mine just arrived in the mail!

Merry Christmas to all---and to all----good stew.