this is me now


where my heart lies.... know i like my kids---and kinda fond of my grandbabies....and mildly interested in marching band....and semi-addicted to chocolate.....but if you want to know where my heart truly it is the most beautiful thing i've ever makes me smile to think of makes me happy to think of cooking with it

a dual crock pot----yes, folks---not just one crock pot---but two---with individual controls---whoever thought of this should be sainted! i am planning the meals right now that i will cook using TWO crock pots in one (alright---i already have 4 crock pots---but each has a special use)---

and mine just arrived in the mail!

Merry Christmas to all---and to all----good stew.


Olivia Carter said...

Ooooo! I like it!

Lyric said...


you are funny.

at the beginning of the this post I was thinking, "ok, we have to get this for her for christmas,its so blatant"

but you already got it! ...sensible, too, because now you can cook for all of us with it! :)

Holly said...

Meredith you slay me...=)

djeppson said...

I think they invented it just for you!