this is me now


allow me a moment

okay...gonna be cryptic---but its my blog and i can be cryptic if i want to...(yes----i know...we are ALL singing it)

WHY would you ask someone to HELP you when the thing you want them to help you with HURTS the person helping you and while you are asking for the help you are SCREAMING at the person you are asking to help you

i have a headache



Thanksgiving to Christmas I got to be the Fairy Godmother in the Artisan Theater's production of Cinderella---what fun...what a divine part!
this is me without the wig----doing a microphone check before the show

Michael Durrington, the king, and I---he is the major picture-taker in all the shows.

Ace was a townsperson and a coachman...... I really enjoy doing shows with him---watching him become more confident in his dancing and stage presence.
This was one of my most favorite (yes, I wanted to type in favoritest....but i controlled myself---yay for resolutions) parts EVER. the costume, hair & makeup was over the top---which allows me to lose myself. the cast was fun and friendly...very important. now my favorite saying (and then breaking into song) is a lovely day (okay---in the show it is a lovely night---so I changed it a bit----you'll be okay) wouldnt it be loverly (oooooh! foreshadowing---i'm the musical director for My Fair Lady at artisan (now---really---arent you singing that song!? (and how many parentheses can i put inside each other?)) for me to finish every post on a happy note with .....a lovely day!

here's to good friends

....are you singing the rest of the song?

check out my archives to see my blog on hershey kisses.....
during the holidays I get a box----from Michelle Moulton, my dear friend in Utah.....
imagine my surprise and laugh-out-loud reaction when I open the box and there is>.........


only available in
while Michelle & Eric were on their anniversary trip to Hawaii----she:
1. thought of me
2. bought me the kisses
3. didnt eat the kisses
4. mailed them to me

what a lovely person

btw---they are to die for...........smooth and delicious.

Lyric's getting married!

i think his face is just as happy as hers---but we'll never know!
you cant see it, but it is a very pretty ring.

Lyric loved climbing trees as a little kid---so this is a good match!
Lyric is getting married March 7th---to Benjamin Milo Webb. They met in the singles ward down in Beaumont. We met Ben during the evacuations for the Hurricane Ike back in September. He is from the Beaumont area and will graduate in electrical engineering this May.SO I GET TO PLAN ANOTHER WEDDING! YAY! (altho doing it long distance is not fun, I've done it twice before)---as I walked around Michaels looking for inspiration...beautiful flowers, paper, ribbon----I smiled...and then---as a total birthday/happy planning wedding day gift---on the muzak in the store came up one of my all-time favorite songs----Total Eclipse of the Heart (I love tortured songs) of course I join in, out loud...and call jasmine to sing it to her....but i digress...this post wasnt about me....a lovely day...a lovely lovely as a day can ever be....
you'll meet a prince...a charming charming as a prince will ever be....

Cannon's blessing

Cannon's grandma Nelson made his beautiful outfit---i crocheted his can tell he is basking in his adorableness (is that a word?)

Grandpa holding the little man---he's waited for this for many years!

Joe & Leah blessed Cannon at his parent's ward on December was beautiful. Joe is very thoughtful....I was very impressed as I heard him bless Cannon with gifts of the spirit----patience, wonderful to watch the priesthood holders in the family gather around little Cannon. Special day.
We then went over to the Nelsons house for a bit of lunch before Jasmine & David headed back south---they are next!

the fam at christmas

yeah---we dont have personalities galore! and i love to see how the men my daughters have married seem to fit in pretty well....dont know how hard they have to try---but they are our boys!
notice J Howard Davis----the guy in the middle looking lost and a little amused at the goings on---he is our adopted granddad---we love him!Vipha Guerrero took these pictures---poor Ace----got his wisdom teeth out 2 days before Christmas---3 days before this picture!
a lovely time....a lovely lovely as a time could ever is still floating around my head...:)Leah, Joe & Cannon came down and spent nearly 2 weeks with us. I got to cuddle with Cannon and change all sorts of diapers and watch Joe & Leah be parents----that is a loverly (see my previous or later post---these were all posted the same its a little out of order) thing to see---your children nurture their children.
Lyric came up and worked at the hospital...I miss Lyric being at home...but apparently she had a greater destiny in Beaumont than just hanging out with her mom in Fort worth (see my other post....again, dont know if its before or after this one---work with me here).and Jasmine/David came up for a few days...she is the cutest little pregnant girl----she feels good----she waddles just enough to be cute....and david caters to her like, well, like only David can cater to Jasmine....he is a good man.Jasmine sticks straight out---small body doesnt leave much room for a babe---she hasnt gained much weight---like a pound or so---not bad for being due in 4 weeks!---Sam came up for a couple of days--he is doing well in Waco and hopes to graduate December 2009...
-the house was crowded and busy and noisy---my favorite kind of house. What fun to watch adult and nearly adult children interact as friends....thats the best present ever.

on this auspicious day

yesterday was my birthday----i personally love birthdays----not for a big hoop-te-do----but for the personal time that I reflect on the year and the years....and yesterday was perfect for a day of reflection. I love getting older---and given the alternative, I'd like to continue.
Last Sunday I had a lovely surprise---Dave, Jas & Lyric planned a dinner in Beaumont with my favorite people and my favorite food----spaghetti, salad (olive garden home-made style) and brownies.
Wednesday---my actual birthday was spent reading facebook well wishes, email cards, real cards and hearing most of my children and siblings sing one version or another of any number of "Happy Birthday Songs"---a lovely day.

my poor pitiful nails

i love fingernails---long, colorful, blinged up nails
what could be better than waking up and seeing beautiful nails everyday---no need to re-do, like makeup and hair....they are always there.
unfortunately, I was not blessed with strong fingernails---so i like to get my nails enhanced.

but---this is a constant drain on my budget....and it REALLY hurts when fake nails break...and when you take them off it hurts for a long time while your own nails heal and grow back....
so right after Cinderella, I took off my faux nails...a month later I am still suffering!
i am a vain person----so this is hard---but here is a picture of my poor real nails healing.


okay---catch up---these will be a little scatty-wampus---i'm on my laptop (we just got a new pc---so i have to wait to put in pictures)----altho i havent written in 6 weeks---dont think i havent been reading.

hmmm---where to start---here are the blogs i need to catch up on!
thanksgiving....Cortez Colorado trip with dave & ace---seeing Joe, Leah & cannon---lovely trip
cinderella performances---fun, fun, fun
christmas....what a great of the best i remember.
jasmine's surprise shower----she's due in 6 weeks! wow!
house....finished the walls, floors, most of the curtains----so sophisticated----finished up with a tiffany-style walking in the door.
new year....always very optimistic at the beginning of a new year....will let you know of some of my goals for the year
life after acrylic nails---yuk
hershey kisses----Michelle Moulton sent me macadamia nut hershey kisses FROM HAWAII! so yes, i will be blogging about them and what a great friend she is.
extended family----i have a great family---siblings, in-laws, cousins, nieces, nephews----blogging and facebooking has bettered (is that a word) my life---
i have been blogging for nearly one year---i will ( in the next week or so) re-do my Real Life/True story christmas but not at christmas time letter.