this is me now


okay---catch up---these will be a little scatty-wampus---i'm on my laptop (we just got a new pc---so i have to wait to put in pictures)----altho i havent written in 6 weeks---dont think i havent been reading.

hmmm---where to start---here are the blogs i need to catch up on!
thanksgiving....Cortez Colorado trip with dave & ace---seeing Joe, Leah & cannon---lovely trip
cinderella performances---fun, fun, fun
christmas....what a great of the best i remember.
jasmine's surprise shower----she's due in 6 weeks! wow!
house....finished the walls, floors, most of the curtains----so sophisticated----finished up with a tiffany-style walking in the door.
new year....always very optimistic at the beginning of a new year....will let you know of some of my goals for the year
life after acrylic nails---yuk
hershey kisses----Michelle Moulton sent me macadamia nut hershey kisses FROM HAWAII! so yes, i will be blogging about them and what a great friend she is.
extended family----i have a great family---siblings, in-laws, cousins, nieces, nephews----blogging and facebooking has bettered (is that a word) my life---
i have been blogging for nearly one year---i will ( in the next week or so) re-do my Real Life/True story christmas but not at christmas time letter.


Michelle said...

Can't wait to read the posts!

Christie said...

So glad to see you back!