this is me now


here's to good friends

....are you singing the rest of the song?

check out my archives to see my blog on hershey kisses.....
during the holidays I get a box----from Michelle Moulton, my dear friend in Utah.....
imagine my surprise and laugh-out-loud reaction when I open the box and there is>.........


only available in
while Michelle & Eric were on their anniversary trip to Hawaii----she:
1. thought of me
2. bought me the kisses
3. didnt eat the kisses
4. mailed them to me

what a lovely person

btw---they are to die for...........smooth and delicious.


Michelle said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them! (I didn't eat yours because I bought a bag for myself! tee-hee!

Meredith said...

there will be pictures---i'm just slow! werent they divine!?!

djeppson said...

Meredith was kind enough to share them with me and they were wonderful. I love macademian nuts. Had a home teacher that used to chocolates with macademian nuts each year from Hawaii. Best home teacher ever!

Thanks Michelle!