this is me now


the fam at christmas

yeah---we dont have personalities galore! and i love to see how the men my daughters have married seem to fit in pretty well....dont know how hard they have to try---but they are our boys!
notice J Howard Davis----the guy in the middle looking lost and a little amused at the goings on---he is our adopted granddad---we love him!Vipha Guerrero took these pictures---poor Ace----got his wisdom teeth out 2 days before Christmas---3 days before this picture!
a lovely time....a lovely lovely as a time could ever is still floating around my head...:)Leah, Joe & Cannon came down and spent nearly 2 weeks with us. I got to cuddle with Cannon and change all sorts of diapers and watch Joe & Leah be parents----that is a loverly (see my previous or later post---these were all posted the same its a little out of order) thing to see---your children nurture their children.
Lyric came up and worked at the hospital...I miss Lyric being at home...but apparently she had a greater destiny in Beaumont than just hanging out with her mom in Fort worth (see my other post....again, dont know if its before or after this one---work with me here).and Jasmine/David came up for a few days...she is the cutest little pregnant girl----she feels good----she waddles just enough to be cute....and david caters to her like, well, like only David can cater to Jasmine....he is a good man.Jasmine sticks straight out---small body doesnt leave much room for a babe---she hasnt gained much weight---like a pound or so---not bad for being due in 4 weeks!---Sam came up for a couple of days--he is doing well in Waco and hopes to graduate December 2009...
-the house was crowded and busy and noisy---my favorite kind of house. What fun to watch adult and nearly adult children interact as friends....thats the best present ever.

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