this is me now


Next Food Network Star

is me!  well---maybe not---but i do my darnedest.

The local Community theater that i indulge my need for applause at (hmmm---dangling particple aside---that is a convuluted combination of words)----Artisan Center Theater in Hurst, Tx----was doing "Proposals"---and they needed a traditional 1960's meal for every performance---tuna noodle casserole, green salad, jello, cookies and pecan pie (i grew up in the 60's---never had pecan pie---but the rest is totally onspot)---I LOVE TUNA NOODLE CASSEROLE---so i volunteered to make a casserole every Monday and Friday for the performances.  I GOOGLED (adding in another love) tuna noodle casserole recipes from the 1960's and went to town---did i mention i love reading recipes and cookbooks/magazines?---if i didnt---i do.

i served tuna noodles with macaroni noodles, wide egg noodles, twirly noodles---with peas & carrots, with peppers, with corn flakes on top----all served in a traditional cassserole dish.

the prop-momma---Tammie Phillips---and i concocted a plan-----

in my research---i came across an AMAZING recipe---tuna lime jello loaf!  and THERE WERE MULTIPLE RECIPES of this---its not a fluke, folks!  so tammie and i agreed that the last weekend THIS DELICIOUSNESS would be presented to the cast ONSTAGE---so it makes its debut TODAY!

as i made it---being the good chef i am----i tasted (i learned that from Chopped and from Gordon Ramsay---you have to taste your food---)----and it was NOT bad! (now---truth in advertising----i let the jello set a little too much before adding in the other ingredients---so i would imagine the next time you wont see chunks of jello---but this makes for good theater)

lime jello, tuna, chopped celery, minced onion, lemon juice, little bit of mayo, chopped hard boiled eggs---combine in a loaf pan---chill---serve!  (it made the funniest 'galush' sound as it came out of the loaf pan)

me thinks my boys at home are going to get this next week---just to see....anyone wanna come to dinner?


dressing girls

Elizabeth Ann Hall....born February 23, 2011....7:18 a.m....8 lb....19.5 inches....

a most lovely little girl...looks a lot like her brother, Ben....except
she wears florals
she wears purple
she wears pink
she wears ruffles
she wears headbands
.....lacy socks


Dear Ben's Mom...

Please dont come.  Ben loves me.  He cries when I leave.  He says "mama!" when i get in his eyesight.  We play chase.  He likes my dogs.  He likes Mrs. Beasley.  Tonight he cried for me to be the one to put him to bed.  We cuddled and watched "The Voice".  He fell asleep in my arms.  He likes me...he really likes me.

i leave tomorrow morning...early....before he wakes up (stupid shiny me---i'm weeping!)---and when I get home you will have been with him for 24 hours...
When you will be "Mommy!"...and i will be 'the other'.

Ben's mama

ps....please bring beth with you.