this is me now


Dear Ben's Mom...

Please dont come.  Ben loves me.  He cries when I leave.  He says "mama!" when i get in his eyesight.  We play chase.  He likes my dogs.  He likes Mrs. Beasley.  Tonight he cried for me to be the one to put him to bed.  We cuddled and watched "The Voice".  He fell asleep in my arms.  He likes me...he really likes me.

i leave tomorrow morning...early....before he wakes up (stupid shiny me---i'm weeping!)---and when I get home you will have been with him for 24 hours...
When you will be "Mommy!"...and i will be 'the other'.

Ben's mama

ps....please bring beth with you.

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Lyric said...

awww that is so sweet!