this is me now


So let it be written, so let it be done

we all have super-powers----sometimes it just takes a while for us to realize them---kinda like the baby Jack-Jack, in the, i have figured out mine....
i have always been a control-freak----i like to know what is going to happen and then have it be what i expected...i usually assume i know the best I get older, i am better about letting people do it their way (but inside i am smirking, yes, smirking, that my way would have been so much more efficient)...but apparently the Universe has agreed with me.
case in point--
  • Hurricane Gustav----I wanted a visit from my lovely family in Beaumont----so when Gustav turned up in the Gulf of Mexico---I thought "Wouldnt it be great if it was just bad enough for them to have to come up to evacuate!" and VOILA! Gustav hit----not bad enough to do damage, but just enough to get my 3 AND David's family (BONUS!) up for a long weekend.
  • Hurricane Ike---okay---didnt ask for this one----but did think, "wouldnt it be funny if they had to come up again"---so yes, I need to be careful about my comments, because Ike hit hard.....but I did get my friends and family from Beaumont again.
  • Cannon---I had shows until November even though Leah's due date was November 9th, I couldnt get up to Utah until the I had been telling Raider (Cannon's in utero nickname) November 15, November 15, November 15.....and he came November 14...came home November 15th, about 10 minutes before I got to their home.
  • Weather....I hate cold weather---grew up in Illinois---yeah, that was as I'm packing for my trip to Utah, I am putting in sweatshirts, thermal shirts...totally prepared for bitter cold...and it has been LOVELY! long sleeve shirts type weather----amazing....and I didnt even ask for this! it is just well-known that i dont tolerate cold weather well.
with power comes responsibility....i will be more careful in my comments, whether out loud, under my breath, in my mind or even subliminal, I will be more careful. Jasmine, I promise to mention no date regarding Baby Hall---except I do have a show in Denton on February 28th...
I'm not sure how to curtail the power of my preferences regarding weather----so I apologize to the entire southwest corner of Colorado ----you probably wont have a snowy or cold Thanksgiving----cause I'll be there.


7 lbs 13 oz 20 1/2 inches

born on his birthday, November 14.....John Cannon Nelson! Welcome to the family!
interesting little tidbit----He came into the world at 3:48---just after L.D. Bell marching band left the field in preliminary performance at Grand Nationals in Indianapolis! The stars in my world certainly were aligned for that!



...hard to be.

....for John McCain.....thanks for standing firm on what you believe our country needs---keep talking and little maverick you.
....for L.D. Bell band---silver is a beautiful color. Good Luck at Grand Nationals.

Winners in life President-elect what you promised.
....for Prop 8 in California...the people have spoken twice now.
....Congratulations to the Marcus Band...6 of the top 10 bands were from DFW---yay!


Decision 2008

November 4, 2008

...Tomorrow is an important day. It is a day to hand over 'the crown'. It is a day of change. A day to reward hard work....everyone has worked hard with this date in mind....but only one can win. Will experience and history win out over new and unknown?
...Tomorrow, the winner will not stand alone---oh no, there is a vast "army" of supporters who brought them to this day. Years of planning and preparation will be rewarded tomorrow.
...Tomorrow, when all is said and done---and it will be a long day for all of us---let us all be united that we can appreciate each other's hard work. There is greatness in everyone, and we can all be edified by finding the best in each other---the winner just happens to be one with the votes. We will survive regardless of how it ends.
Our goal is same---to prove that the system works....the UIL system....because...

is 5A Texas State Marching Band Competition!