this is me now



...hard to be.

....for John McCain.....thanks for standing firm on what you believe our country needs---keep talking and little maverick you.
....for L.D. Bell band---silver is a beautiful color. Good Luck at Grand Nationals.

Winners in life President-elect what you promised.
....for Prop 8 in California...the people have spoken twice now.
....Congratulations to the Marcus Band...6 of the top 10 bands were from DFW---yay!


Christie said...

Thanks for one piece of good news this morning. I hadn't heard about Prop 8 yet.

Michelle said...

Too bad about Bell Band. I think their still the best. About the other things, I guess it's a let's-see-if-he-delivers thing now.

beetlebabee said...

Prop 8 has been my life the last two months, seriously, 14 hours a day. It's the biggest fight our generation has had. I'm SO GLAD to have been part of God's Miracle for California. I've got war stories, small miracles and battle scars from the trenches here:

Lyric said...

well. i heard there is a hurricane come through sometime towards the end of december. see you then?

how i could hurrication anywhere else?

BJeppson said...

Protecting my marriage has been much of my life over the past two months as well. Unfortunately, 52% of Californians decided that my marriage isn't as good as theirs, or as sacred an institution as Britney's 55-hour Las Vegas adventure.

I only pray that the courts will continue to protect us from the abuses of the majority--no matter how many people vote to take away our rights--as is their sworn constitutional duty. Until then, I will continue to fight for the same respect as your marriages.

Christie said...

Buckley, your only MARRIAGE was the one you threw away years ago, when you also threw away your eternal exalation. Face up to your apostacy and stop throwing your sins in our face and trying to get us to call evil good.

BJeppson said...

I'm happy you are God's pal and have all of life's answers, to know that your personal revelation about my life is so much more accurate than my own personal revelation about my life. I have my faults, but you will never find me self-righteously declaring who will and won't have God's love and exaltation. I hope you learn that lesson before you face the test of a closer family member who doesn't meet your expectations. Perhaps then you will see why Jesus spent so much time calling for love and acceptance of sinners and those who are different from us and condemning those who sit in judgement of them. It's the mote/beam thing.

Christie said...

Yeah, and one of the girls I grew up with's father recieved "personal revelation" that he should enter into plural marriage, and then, that he was the Christ. Guess he's not an apostate, either.
Sorry, can't recieve personal revelation from the RIGHT SOURCE that contradicts official Church doctrine. Pretty basic for someone who still believes in the Church.

BJeppson said...

Preaching that you are Christ or entering into plural marriage are certainly grounds for excommunication, if not the nut farm. Church leaders have said many times that being gay is not a sin, and getting legally married to a same-sex partner is not grounds for Church discipline.

Unfortunately, disobeying Christ's "judge not" directive does not even seem to be grounds for serious self-examination, let alone the condemnation that the Savior repeatedly heaped upon those who thought they were better than others. It was He who said that judging the sinner was the greater sin. All I ask is to be left alone, a courtesy I grant you. Perhaps you can do the same to others, no matter how your opinions may differ from theirs.

Poor Meredith's blog is not the place for this exchange. I would be happy to discuss it further if we can do so without calling names and in the spirit of civility and respect. If you don't have my e-mail address, your dad does.

Meredith said...

oh my goodness! cant we all just get along! ;)
okay folks---i officially take back control of my blog.

i love my family
my family totally loves me
we are each allowed our own long as it is the same as mine :)

Mike Kessler said...

I love you, Meredith! (And I love Christie, too, but your earring are the coolest.)