this is me now


dont mock me....its harder than it looks....BUT I WILL BE THAT GRANDMA

i decided it was time to practice my i got out my 100 cookie cutters....deciding to make it easier on myself and use the pumpkin.....its a circle with a stem

I have studied  many, many "BEST EVER SUGAR COOKIE RECIPE"-----so i went the easy way and used pillsbury...let me know if you have a no-fail sugar cookie recipe.
 I found this pre-STINKIN-made cookie icing---it dries fast and allows you to stack cookies sooner.....can you use regular cake frosting (yes---canned)? it just never dries?  its new---so i decided to try it.

 my first batch was totally too done----and it totally fell apart---and slid down on the floor...sad.
 my second batch looks NOTHING like pumpkins----put them too close on the pan? where are the stems? AND THEY ARE HUGE!....but they are edible
 3rd batch----voila! stems!....well...on some of them....but there was a modicum of success!
 and then i decorated my pumpkins (altho the stems have all disappeared and they appear more apple or tomato-ish than pumpkins) with red frosting and multi-colored sprinkles---why? you might ask.... why not!?! i didnt have any stinkin orange frosting.... and i LIKE red....and...most of all....dagnabit......


Dear darling boys,

I love you dearly.  I love your hugs and your kisses.  I love the tiny suits and ties....the basketball shorts, the camouflage...yes, Milo---I love you in bright orange shorts....i love Cars and trucks and helicopters and staring at tarantula spiders and holding you when you ride a was okay being sprayed---that was fine...its been a wonderful coupla years...

but now.....

theres a girl in town.

this will not change my love for expands to include all....i will think everything you will do is WONDERFUL AND AMAZING AND TOTALLY AWESOME.... i will still think Cannon says Chicken Nuggets and helicopter AMAZINGLY well...and Ben---you will also make me laugh with your infectious laugh

but now....

theres a girl in town....

i'll still find you cute polo shirts...and jeans...and khakis...and tshirts---and I'll one for each of you (whom i kidding? i'll buy multiples for each of you).... i'll keep the good stuff in purse and bite the m & m in half for you....and i'll clean your face...

but now....

theres a girl in town

or there will be.....March 1, 2011...mark the date on your calendar....cause grandma will be spending more time in the baby doll section and pawing thru pink tutus and black Mary Janes and making bows to match every outfit...

I love you...each of your cute individualistics (i know that isnt the proper use of the word---the boys are under 23 months---they arent really reading this anyway)...i love that you are ALL going thru the terrible twos...(even you, Jonas---you are very advanced for your age)....I love skyping with you and singing "eensy weensy spider" and "peek-a-boo" and "the wheels on the bus"

but now...

theres a girl in town.


i got nuthin.........

have a TON of things i could/should/want to post----but not today---today is just *sigh*

i'm going to:
work on memorizing my Hannigan lines---Act 1
get the materials for 2 new crafts
work on my nursery lesson

and just *sigh*


did you read my last post? then you'll laugh how fast this post came up....i'm on a roll!

i pilfered this from my niece, Olivia's blog---- couldnt pass up the opportunity to have a marching band express how i need to feel SO very often.....this is delicious.

OH MY STINKIN GOSH---THESE ARE THE SAME GUYS THAT DID THE TREADMILL SONG?!! check out Gnome Sweet Gnome's blog on my list to the right---she has this and another version of this which is an engineering MARVEL!

you can always tell....

you can always tell when I'm not happy with my most recent post....
because i post really fast so it drops out.

'nuf said.
thanks for reading.


the hairdo's of my life

I like change

I like to change my purses, my furniture, my weight (as you will see in the pictures) my hair color,....and hair do

lets travel back and no specific order (because i'm just not THAT good at puttin in pictures)....merf's do's thru the ages
me at about 13-14---straight but now PARTED ON THE SIDE---woo hoot! showin off my widow's peak

early married life---my version of a 'bob (dave, me , sister Pyper, brother Matt--1981)

still what my hair does best---flat, straight

permed the HECK out of my hair in the 80's (me and jasmine may 1988)

THIS IS THE WINNER FOLKS! my favorite length---and color (dave, me, girls 1990)

well...except i really liked my military 'do----but dave didnt (what a mess, merf)
never works---trying to look 40 when you are 30 (christmas 1990)

curl!? really! i had to sleep on pink foamy curlers all night to maintain that bit of curl!

nothin' cuter than a little girl in french braids...could i get away with this now?

what was i thinking? slicked back elvis? who let me go out the door like this?

1984---bit of a mullett

one of my favorites---would do this if it wasnt so hard to keep looking decent

(btw---anyone else remember the 'panty-hose potato sack' decorations we used to make?) btw---i LOVED my red kitchen

yep---still permin---just made my hair look thinner...but i ROCKED the red glasses
about to deliver jasmine---couldnt perm it---so i just let it go...i look darn good for 9 months pg

THE PERFECT HAIR CUT FOR MY HAIR---parted in the middle, long, straight

permed----asymmetrical---yeah---glad those years are gone

tryin to look like Farrah Fawcett 1979.....didnt work.

father's day 1984---permed and short---not too bad---could use some color tho...looks like i havent slept much---new baby and all.

had to be a little more straight up since i was now a mother---smoother of a perm

yeah---early 90's...mother of 6----big shoulder pads and permed hair---i do love my florals and big earrings

still trying to look like i'm 8----not good at 40

interesting that i have NO pictures of my funny hair colors----hmmm---maybe david didnt want any history of that for our grandchildren to see....and what is to come? here it is---my future hairdo---truly----THE PIXIE! see what im gonna do with the old hair when more 'white highlights' (cough cough) come in.

note to dont have to make all the pictures big---sometimes less is more....i'm just sayin.