this is me now


i got nuthin.........

have a TON of things i could/should/want to post----but not today---today is just *sigh*

i'm going to:
work on memorizing my Hannigan lines---Act 1
get the materials for 2 new crafts
work on my nursery lesson

and just *sigh*


Michelle said...

Wait...crafts? Are you getting crafty, Meredith? I didn't know you had it in you.

We love you Miss Hannigan!

Merf said...

i've always done crafts! not like quilting or sewing kind of stuff----has to be fast, easy and modge podge.... now i'm doing coasters, magnets, and bracelets---i google diy sites all the time!

why any kid would want to be an orphan, i'll never know.