this is me now


dont mock me....its harder than it looks....BUT I WILL BE THAT GRANDMA

i decided it was time to practice my i got out my 100 cookie cutters....deciding to make it easier on myself and use the pumpkin.....its a circle with a stem

I have studied  many, many "BEST EVER SUGAR COOKIE RECIPE"-----so i went the easy way and used pillsbury...let me know if you have a no-fail sugar cookie recipe.
 I found this pre-STINKIN-made cookie icing---it dries fast and allows you to stack cookies sooner.....can you use regular cake frosting (yes---canned)? it just never dries?  its new---so i decided to try it.

 my first batch was totally too done----and it totally fell apart---and slid down on the floor...sad.
 my second batch looks NOTHING like pumpkins----put them too close on the pan? where are the stems? AND THEY ARE HUGE!....but they are edible
 3rd batch----voila! stems!....well...on some of them....but there was a modicum of success!
 and then i decorated my pumpkins (altho the stems have all disappeared and they appear more apple or tomato-ish than pumpkins) with red frosting and multi-colored sprinkles---why? you might ask.... why not!?! i didnt have any stinkin orange frosting.... and i LIKE red....and...most of all....dagnabit......


Lyric said...

This is so fantastic. And pumpkin-shaped or not, they look delish and they are making me hungry! If you are going to be THAT grandma, you have to figure out a way to share them here in FL haha! :)

Princess Mommy said...

Yummy! Send them to NOLA and Ill taste test them for you! And honestly, the little boys wont care what they look like. If you tell them its a pumpkin, they'll believe you! And yes you can use cake icing in a tub, but no it will never dry or get that cookie icing crunch to it.

Merf said...

hey this is ace...i am eating one of those cookies right now...and they taste "stinkin" delicious(had to ask spelling). so those of you out there come here so you can have THAT GRANDMA's cookies!

Ashley said...

Dude, sugar cookies are such a waste of time. Buy the beautiful ones from the grocery store and pretend you baked them! If a dessert doesn't call for chocolate then it's not worth making :)

Christie said...

I need to get some cookie cutters.