this is me now


i dont homage to all the #2's

i don't vote .... i consider voting a privilege .... and I have an agreement with God...more on that later.

okay---i rarely vote .... and here is why
first time i voted it was in 1976 (thanks---you do the math)...and Gerald Ford got 2nd
i did vote in 1980----hmmmm---i think.......
in 1984 I was visiting my parents in Illinois during the general father was APPALLED that i hadnt early-voted.... i was less than concerned ....and a trend began.

dont get me wrong---i have ALL SORTS of opinions...i just dont think it really matters, in the big scheme,what i think----I am an ugly American--- but i consider my right to vote---or not--- one of the biggies....

okay---so...merf....why NOT vote?

  i was actually scarred when Gerald Ford got became my curse--- whomever i voted for---GOT 2ND!....(side note:  I dont really follow baseball...but the Texas Rangers did REALLY well this year---until i started paying attention---albeit the World Series---and yes----THEY GOT 2ND) .... i decided to test my theory on something, while not as important as national elec----okay, who am i kidding....AMERICAN IDOL is TOTALLY as important as regular elections, if that werent true---why would so many people be voting? hmmm? think about THAT! okay---but thru this testing, my curse was proven:

Clay aiken---2nd
bo bice----2nd
ADAM STINKIN LAMBERT GOT 2ND----REALLY AMERICA (or! OR! or! --is it my fault?)

the only idol i voted for that won....well... do you understand why i might be a bit reticent to do so much harm to the American people.... i have too much vote DOES count---but only to hurt .... so i choose to not use my power.... so the rest of America can have their voice heard.

now--the real reason i dont vote?
God and I have an agreement.
I know God wants me to vote IF:
  1. the weather is good on voting day
  2. the line is not long
  3. i remember my i.d.
  4. i happen to be going by the voting place
  5. the kids arent with me (do you know how hard it is to vote with 3-4 pre-schoolers in tow!?!
so today-----mid-term elections.....
WOW----OH MY STINKIN GOSH----DID THE WORLD END? DID $@#% FREEZE OVER? did all the planets align so i knew TODAY would be the day I voted!!!!???
The weather was rainy...and windy---this is my hair blowing in the wind...and my hair doesnt blow easily---AND i'm wearing a sweater---which means it is chilly---it was cold can see that in my was cold and rainy and windy and overcast...see #1 above
there was a line....see all the cars!  (okay---this is a total fabrication---we vote at the school---these are teachers' cars---the line was 2 people)....see #2 above

got my drivers license out of my purse...i'm not going to show you a picture of my real id...there are crazy people out there that might misuse that information.... but if you've seen the abyss which is my purse---you'd know that finding ANYTHING in there is quite an accomplishment.... see #3.
<> ace was home---hurling---see # 5
i live across the street from the school... but i did have to walk around to the front ... see #4

i confronted my devils today---and i exercised.... will i continue the curse? .....probably not...but i live in Texas .... and we think EVERYTHING is #2.

but my dad would be proud of me.


Merf said...

this is ace.....jerk

Katie said...

My stars didn't align. I thinking of little girls, I was sick, I was very busy, and I had three boys for most of the day. I am also an ugly American.

Ashley said...

Meh, I've only voted once or twice. I voted for Arnold in the recall election in CA and maybe one other time. Haven't really cared much and am feeling pretty anti-government lately. I'm the ugliest of ugly Americans :)

I like Ace's comment :)

Jackie said...

I know that they have some sort of local DC voting things that go on, but there is no point in voting unless you're fully gung-ho democrat, which I'm not. 95% trouncing usually doesn't bode well. However, we CAN vote for president when that happens. No reps in either House or what's the point?
I will vote when I have something to vote for, though. :) Good for you!