this is me now


my life in the theatah

i have been involved in 3 shows in the last month----my regular gig Dancing Moose---- musical comedy ethics workshops for mental health professionals (psychologists, therapists, social workers, counselors), community theater ( in "Annie" as Miss Hannigan and a school outreach program (also thru Artisan)---a 30 min show about dealing with bullies "Sir Generous and the Bully"---its about 3 knights that have to deal with a firebreathing bully dragon---i play the Hermit of the Hills---the voice of moral authority that teaches the knights how to work with the dragon.  We go into schools and present the show to 3-5th graders. 
This past week I did 4 Annie shows and one Bully show---tomorrow I do 2 Bully shows and 1 Annie show---Tuesday is another bully show----whew......anyway....this is not about the show or the ACCOLADES i receive (and i do)

its about what i have learned about myself and others in life backstage.

1. i HATE false eyelashes.  They are heavy.  They look cool...and make my eyes look very hollywood----but they wear me out after 3 hours.  Hermits dont wear false eyelashes---neither do mooses....but hannigans do.
2. Wigs....Wigs and hats.  I wear wigs in all 3 shows....wigs are hot and itchy...and they mat down my hair...fortunately, I wear my hair pretty darn short....but if i go bald---i'm just shavin....not wearing wigs.  Hats---same thing....but---they are part of the costume.
3. costumes....LOVE COSTUMES.... they free me to be the character i want to be....put me in a costume and i am no longer meredith stinkin jeppson...i am a hermit with a limp and an english accent or a love-deprived frustrated orphanage manager with a new jersey accent or a beatle...yes....a beatle.
4. Auditions SCARE me to death.  I dont audition well.  If I sign up for an audition---please just give me the part---i dont audition for parts i dont think i can do---so trust me---my audition is uncostumed---and i wont be as good---really---i can do the part....i dont think so high of myself that i would audition for a role i cant do....just give me the part and we'll both be happy....i wont let you down.
5. I like small parts---dont want a whole show that relies on me ----no, thank you....i like parts where i am memorable...and then off-stage...let me steal a scene or two...thank you.
6.  I'm  not a dancer.  sorry.  i'll do my best....but it dont get any better than that.
7.  I'm a pacer.  I get to the theater really early.  I get my costume and makeup on. and then i pace...i go thru my lines...i chat with and smile at my fellow actors---but i internalize and think and pace...I am nervous....the good nervous that gets the adrenalin pumping.
8.  I love the performing.  I love the rehearsing. I love the comeraderie. I love the whole process (except the auditions)...i love a director who helps me be better and gives me ideas and encourages me to push myself.
9.  i would prefer not to do curtain call. really. I become meredith again and she didnt do the show---she doesnt deserve the embarrasses her....but thanks.
10. dont talk backstage. DONT TALK BACKSTAGE....learn sign language...but DONT TALK BACKSTAGE....really...dont...please....sssssssh.
11. please dont tell me that i'm perfect for a part.....i'm not a hunched back hermit or a man-hungry mean woman.....i am just a person who can channel those traits to portray them....i'm not just makes me question myself....and i do that without any help....and really---i'm not offended.
12. my knees are killing me...i carry icy/hot in my purse.
13. i love singing on stage---as the character---dancing moose---mwah----i get to sing beatles, elvis, country, gladys knight----never as meredith---hermit---i get to sing with a dragon!----Annie---well---you know the show.  i dont think i'd enjoy doing a non-musical---i might have to be meredith.
13.  this is the best time in my life for me---my self-esteem---to have an outlet for the performer meredith....she is very happy.
14.  i've been blessed with external talents---I get a lot of applause---my talents are easily seen---which makes me appreciate those with internal talents---gifts of the Spirit---the quiet talents----I'm in awe of people with quiet gifts.....those people are getting Heavenly applause....i just wanna sing in the choir...yeah---the big choir.


Michelle said...

"Meredith stinkin Jeppson". I love you Meredith. You always make me laugh. (That's a good thing.)

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I am on the waiting list for Monday and Tuesday.. do you not perform both nights? any help you coukd give me on that ticket end I would love Thanks cute lady

Princess Mommy said...

Im so excited to see you in both shows!! I already know that youre a master moose!

paul said...

Wow what a Title...Traffic Signs

Merf said...

marcia---i am only on Monday---i do one tuesday---december 21. we dont get any comp tickets except for the opening weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love watching you and watching the joy you get from the theatah!

Rondi said...

You need to come to Beaumont and see Chad in "White Christmas". He loves the "theatah", also. And we love to go watch him perform. This summer he was Captain Von Trapp in Sound of Music, he directed The Beverly Hillbillies", a funny, funny show, and he played the lead in The Foreigner (hilarious).

Because of that creature that was at your front door and you said it is time to move, maybe Beaumont is the answer. You and Chad in the theatah what a combination!