this is me now


why any kid would want to be an orphan, i'll never know.

.............yes---the role i was born to play------------finally all the stars align-----i'm old enough and have the right time off----Artisan Center Theater is producing the show-----i audition.....and VOILA! i get it! i've been waiting for this audition for a year!

knew i clinched it when i was 'acting' by taking a water bottle and pretending to be tipsy---well---i spilled real water on their any drunk would....i knelt down---wiped the water with my hand---and licked my hand.

it has been a grand time in rehearsal---i'm all about enjoying the process.... the cast is friendly and courteous to each other (very important) and sharing in good double gets great ideas and allows me to incorporate them into my portrayal!
 this is the way i look backstage----you dont get this nice of a smile from me onstage
here are the orphans---26 total----my orphans are in costume---the other cast is not---can you find Annie?

i always wanted to be Carol Burnett----so i channel her for the show.


Ashley said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm hoping to get into some community theater sometime - hmmmm, when will I have time for that?

If you get any recordings of your performance please post a clip!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

OMGosh, I bet you are perfect for that part! I'd love to see a clip too. :)