this is me now


like ridin a bike

.........okay.......forget that whole "more money than sense" post---poppycock for sure....cause i DID it! i spent the weekend with cannon---parental units took baby brother to houston to look for housing for future life....and yes, i am sure there were two other men (one adult---one nearly) around the house MOST of the time---but its not about them---i fed the missionaries....Sam came up for the day....I WAS EVEN STINKIN SICK FOR ABOUT 18 HOURS....(thank you, ace---you were AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL (if he had a blog he would tell you he bathed and changed and putted-to-bed Cannon for me----but he doesnt)

it is SATURSTINKINDAY NIGHT----and........

cannon is in bed
bathed with bubbles
warmed milk in his belly
assorted loved stuffed animals also put to bed

front room is clean
kitchen....ta dah!
family room....done and done.

the young one's sunday clothes....gathered....including tie and secondary shirt (cause he is a MESS)
diaper bag....diapered, wipeed, booked, toyed and sippy-cupped...AND animal crackered.
primary lesson (subbing for said parental units)---prepared and copies made.

yeah....i still got it.


more money than sense

I raised 6 children----6 children separated by 10 years from oldest to youngest----the 4 middle are spread over just 3 1/2 years---- not only did i raise them---but i functioned! i went to church, had callings, worked part-time, went shopping---AND TOOK THEM WITH ME! many a time you would see me strolling up and down the aisles of the local supermarket with two baskets---one filled with babies and one filled with groceries....and, i dont mind tooting my own horn....i was VERY successful at functioning with this mob....and, giving due mob was very easy to shop with.....i was fortunate.....the occasional screaming fit on the floor of course.....but only occasionally.... and usually only by one at a time---that is a key to success---as long as the majority were fine---i was fine.

but times change.......
this past week I was nurturing Cannon (19 months) and Jonas (6 months)----I dont babysit my grandchildren---i care for them and nurture them and play with them----anyway----their parents were away for the morning.....

and as life goes cant just sit and play all morning....Ace had to get to 6 flags for work....I needed a ton of groceries....things had to git done. So i did what any nurturing grandma would do....

I hired a babysitter.

ps...more money than sense? at the store I realized i didnt have i hit the ATM....then realized i still didnt have small enough I stopped by mcDonalds (in the store) and got a kids meal to break a $20....yeah---more money than sense....and i dont have a lot of money

whew---dodged THAT bullet---i know how CONCERNED ya'll were!

okay---i know you've been waiting to hear---holding your breath----
i'm okay

go on now and live your life.