this is me now


like ridin a bike

.........okay.......forget that whole "more money than sense" post---poppycock for sure....cause i DID it! i spent the weekend with cannon---parental units took baby brother to houston to look for housing for future life....and yes, i am sure there were two other men (one adult---one nearly) around the house MOST of the time---but its not about them---i fed the missionaries....Sam came up for the day....I WAS EVEN STINKIN SICK FOR ABOUT 18 HOURS....(thank you, ace---you were AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL (if he had a blog he would tell you he bathed and changed and putted-to-bed Cannon for me----but he doesnt)

it is SATURSTINKINDAY NIGHT----and........

cannon is in bed
bathed with bubbles
warmed milk in his belly
assorted loved stuffed animals also put to bed

front room is clean
kitchen....ta dah!
family room....done and done.

the young one's sunday clothes....gathered....including tie and secondary shirt (cause he is a MESS)
diaper bag....diapered, wipeed, booked, toyed and sippy-cupped...AND animal crackered.
primary lesson (subbing for said parental units)---prepared and copies made.

yeah....i still got it.


Lyric said...

I didnt know you were sick :(

and, are showing us all up!

Merf said...

That's the point.....and I'll be 15 minutes early!

And I don't tell people when I'm sick

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

You rocketh Merf!

Ashley said...

Wanna come to my place and get things together? I love it when I go to bed on Saturday night knowing that everything is prepped for Sunday - but it hasn't been happening lately. Last night I did pretty good!

Christie said...

LOL Glad the 3 of you could handle one little boy.

Seriously, though, that was the age Elizabeth was when Amelia came home from the NICU and I was just looking at pics last night, remembering all the adventures of both grandmothers taking turns taking care of her.

Merf said...

oh my GOODNESS! CHRISTIE! ace and david were at a movie during this whole preparation-ness....GIVE ME SOME CREDIT! :)

Michelle said...

You rock, Meredith! I hope I can be Super Grandma someday!

Princess Mommy said...

You da MAN! I didnt even do that and we had 2 parents AND 2 grandparentals!!