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1.20.2011 my bot

     YES! i know its been 2 stinkin months since i posted---i been busy---and lazy---and have so many ideas for blog posts that i couldnt decide---so i didnt...but i had to.

Hi my name is meredith and i play Farm Town.  I have 8--yes 8---farms...dont judge.  BUT---do you have any idea how hard it is to have enough fuel to harvest/plow and sow my 8 farms when FT (farmtown) only lets you refuel once a day...and did you know you cant buy cinnamon trees---you can only have them gifted to you---same as cows for milk to make the cheese for my pizza cant be done...without gifts from other FT farmers.  I hate to ask for gifts.  and I hate to admit that i may or may not have a problem.

DING! (that is the sound of the light bulb lighting up over my head)----why not create a farmtown friend that can gift me what i need everyday---BINGO! my friend---my robot---MY BOT---can give me a cow...or a tank of fuel...or a peacock...everyday! whatever i need!

so....i created a facebook account for my bot...required.  i didnt do a picture for her or anything---but i did give her a day before mine....albeit a few---okay---26 years younger....anyway....her name is Merf Jeppson....a few people friended her....she has one neighbor on farmtown---me.....and while at the beginning she farmed a little...her only real reason for living (okay---yes I know she isnt ALIVE)---is to give me gifts.

BUT----today...January 20.....MERF has been getting birthday wishes! she only has like 6 friends on fb---so it wasnt anything really...but crack me up! then i noticed on FB that on the little sidebar where it tells you what friends have a birthday today---there was Merf's name! so Meredith Jeppson---me---started getting birthday wishes!  and I dont have the heart to tell these lovely people who took time out of their fb time to wish me a happy day! so this year (and this year only---i went in and took out Merf's birthday)---I get to be wished TWO DAYS worth!

yes....i havent posted for 2 months....and took this cuteness---this silliness---this funny, unanticipated consequence to a game that i am obviously WAY too invested in (using the word invested is so much nicer to the ear than the word addicted).

I'll be back---and soon---i have lovely and cute pictures of my grandbabies---pictures from thanksgiving in New Orleans---witty telling of my mom's trip here--- darling stories of christmas with the fam---and hilarious little tales of our new puppy, Lucy.

ps---american idol is back...and i for one love the new judges...anyone would have trouble telling someone "no" when they have a life-dream of being a singer...but who cant love steven tyler getting so wrapped up in the song with the singer that he starts to sing with him! this will be a great season!


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Yes, more blogging please. :)
And Happy Birthday Merf-bot.

Lyric said...

Hmmm....seems to me that creating a facebook friend in order to use them on your farmtown is like making a clone of one of your children just to harvest their organs!!! :-) love, Ben