this is me now

1.21.2011 by play

a.a.i.m.b.....after all, it's my birthday
12:30 a.m.---wake up (fell asleep to Jay Leno)...go to the front door to make sure its locked and Ace is home (he had a Camelot show last night)----he is...i go back to bed.
5:30 a.m....woke up to my alarm---which means that Ace didnt wake up to his...but David hears my alarm and he goes upstairs to wake up ace...a.a.i.m.b.
5:53 a.m....go to front room to make sure ace got out the door to seminary---dave is asleep on the couch...i go back to bed...a.a.i.m.b
7:15 a.m....wake up again...go out to front room---ace is asleep on the couch---get him up to shower/eat/dress/make his lunch/brush his teeth....GOSH---YOU'D THINK A SIXSTINKINTEEN YEAR OLD WOULD KNOW THE ROUTINE....anyway....i get dressed...cause i have to take him to school since he didnt get up to his drivy....bummer for me---it is stinkin cold outside...God---did you not get the memo? a.a.i.m.b
8:30 drop ace off at bowling (his 1st period class is AT  a bowling alley---our public education dollars at work!)---reminding him its MY birthday...."oh....uh....happy birthday"....grrrrrr.
8:35...head to the store...GET TEARY in the car driving---i realize that none of my girls (and, consequently, their boys) will be here! i think this is the first birthday in 27 years---maybe last year was---i dont remember---but it doesnt matter if it is the first or not....a.a.i.m.b
8:40...go to the store....decide to be a little...okay...a lot... passive aggressive .... which i do MAGNIFICENTLY ...i go to the bakery and get a cake...i dont like cake...i like brownies...but i didnt see a pan of brownies when i got home last night (gone from 4 pm til 9---plenty of time to make mom's birthday brownies and hide them not so well on top of the fridge)---and its Sam's birthday and he is coming up from Waco---so i BUY  a cake and then freeze in front of the freezer section looking for Sam's favorite ice cream---banana nut....WHICH I GUARANTEE DAD DOESNT KNOW AND DIDNT GET (did i say that out loud?)...find it...i also get a tub of strawberries---for me to eat---before the guys get home...then i check out---including buying a crock pot cookery magazine AS A GIFT TO ME.a.a.i.m.b
9:03....i cant eat before 10 doesnt stay with me---not gonna say it any clearer than that...but the Subway breakfast sandwiches have been calling to i stopped at subway and got a sandwich....ate 2 is now sitting next to me on the couch as i type was good....but i'm done....a.a.i.m.b
9:30...Stop by the post office---because life goes on...even THO a.a.i.m.b with Jas and ben...she sings to me...ben wants candy....then we talk about dishesHAHAHAHAHA ...and the lovely new kitchen linens (hot pads and gloves etc) she gave me...a.a.i.m.b 
10:00.... get onto farmtown to check my farms....plant 3 day seeds so i wont have to worry about it til monday...Holla to Jasmine & Amy for sending me a peacock and a fuel tank after reading my previous blog (my bot thanks you too!)... a.a.i.m.b
10:30...lose everything i ate....but thats okay---the crockpot magazine kept me company...tmi...but a.a.i.m.b
11:00...checked out nomorerack....HAVE YOU FOUND THIS SITE? everyday there are a very limited number of AMAZING deals---but you have to jump on it AT 11 a.m....they are gone in less than 30 minutes...but today i got 3 ties for 1$ EACH!  a.a.i.m.b
11:05...crocheting homeless gloves...these are the gloves with no fingers...for us southerners they are perfect---you can still text or eat a taco...and it keeps the little nip in the air from climbing up your sleeves....want one?  a.a.i.m.b sweet brother matt called to wish me a happy birthday! very nice! he is anticipating the birth of his first grandson (march 3ish) we talked anticipation and skype! i have great brothers and sisters.  He was going to sing to me....but he was at he didnt sing...but he wanted to...because a.a.i.m.b.
12:15...Lyric called and sang me "happy birthday"...asked me if i had gotten her box yet....nope...then we chatted about HER RASH...gawsh! lyric----its all about me today! a.a.i.m.b sister Pyper just called...first thing she says "i'm not singing to you...but happy birthday"---then proceeds to announce that my gift is ON THE STINKING TABLE! then we talk about my birthday---and then we chat about her car troubles and our ITouches... i love my sister Pyper! a.a.i.m.b.
1:00...cousin Paul calls to tell me they will meet us at the rodeo tonight (Paul & Peggy Jenson are serving a mission here in Fort Worth)...i had put Pyper on hold---then when i finished with Paul I totally HUNG UP on Pyper! So i called her back..even tho a.a.i.m.b
this is what i look like when i'm sitting around at home---a hoodie--with a sweatshirt...and a hat with a scarf attached...on the phone...with a space heater at my feet...even on days its not my birthday!
1:30---hit with a HUGE wave of exhaustion and joint pain---LIKE HORRIBLE...cold does that to me...i couldnt i sat there...because i can...because a.a.i.m.b
2:15----i go to pick up ace from school...braving the frigid 43 degrees....heat turned up as high as possible in the car...then ace and i have a lovely conversation about self-centeredness and how i'm pretty sure that the developmental age for that to stop is 15!
3:00  good friend drops by---with an AWESOME purple purse---OH MY GOODNESS...its amazing...then we talk about her things.....and i show her how to navigate microsoft calendar...even tho a.a.i.m.b.  ace takes over to help her with a word document....i lay down and heckle him...because a.a.i.m.b.
3:30 i lay there just muttering whimsical sayings and witty repartee....needing to sleep....especially since a.a.i.m.b
4:30 i skype (well, ace and i) with milo and lyric---and she chews me out for talking about her rash---so dont say anything.... i need to get dressed and ready for the rodeo...where we are going because a.a.i.m.b
5:00...lyric's box arrives! FOR HAMBURGER! (blog post will be coming)----i have very clever daughters...and they put out lots of effort because a.a.i.m.b
 6:00---heading to the Fort Worth StockShow Rodeo----maybe try to blog from there---dont know if i can...but i'll the internet powers will let me BECAUSE A.A.I.M.B!
6:30.....eating french fries with homemade fry sauce at the stockshow----
7:30-9:30 FREAKIN GREAT RODEO! love the rodeo---love it love it love it.
10:00----birthday cake and banana nut ice cream.
11:00---finishing up one of eden's homeless gloves----
11:50---going to bed---thanks all for a lovely birthday!


Merf said...


That is so funny.....i was not asleep on the couch this morning, i was laying there like the lazy teenager i am.....happy birthday.....(she is mumbling things like(acting like me) "i am not a good kid," or "i dont deserve to live in this house," or better yet "im going to be a bad husband because i cant remember when peoples birthdays are") well i love you and i really think that you will enjoy an entire day of me doing jobs for pick the day, and you pick the jobs....AND MEREDITH....DONT FORGET TO THINK

Merf said...

the day has to be a day i can do not on the sabbath or my bday it has to be in february this is your bday gift

Princess Mommy said...

Ace. Lame. Your shirt says gay.

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday! Hope that it has been a good one for you. Keep warm and enjoy your weekend. Extend your birthday out for as long as you can!

Ashley said...

Glad you had a pretty good day! I enjoyed the play-by-play!

Natalie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! :)

hrmustang said...

creative and interesting and funny!

Rondi said...

I remember the days of angel food cake and tearing it apart in your home in Beaumont. How about that for your birthday a little late? You let me know when and I will buy one in Beaumont, you buy one there, and we will tear seeing who gets the bigger piece! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND!