this is me now


allow me a moment

okay...gonna be cryptic---but its my blog and i can be cryptic if i want to...(yes----i know...we are ALL singing it)

WHY would you ask someone to HELP you when the thing you want them to help you with HURTS the person helping you and while you are asking for the help you are SCREAMING at the person you are asking to help you

i have a headache


Lyric said...

perhaps the real question this the real life? is this just fantasy?

caught in a escape from realiteeee.

natalie said...
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natalie said...

I'm sorry. You may want to take some Tylenol (or something stronger). . . And, yes, I did begin singing as I read.

AnonymousPrincess said...

Im still singing "Turn around!" and remembering creepy high school boys with white glowing eyes!

Michelle said...

OK. The problem with you being cryptic is that you snare the reader and make them obsess over the thing you were cryptic about. I hope someday, I get to hear the rest of the story. Now, lie down and get rid of that headache! (Unless it's the kind that comes with children--that one never really goes away, does it?)

Meredith said...

interesting how easily the conversation went from poor me to a karaoke session!