this is me now


tender mercies....

on this, the first Sabbath of the Christmas season, I take pause to give thanks for the things that bring me such joy and calm in my life....before i get wrapped up in the pleasure and clamor of the season...
  • I am grateful for a Savior who knows me and knows what I need...not necessarily giving me what I want....imagine....i'm still figuring this out.
  • I am grateful for parents who raised me right.
  • I am grateful for a husband who says "yes---your hair will look great pink"...and then walks away before adding "but...."....cause i know he is thinkin it.
  • I am grateful for a teenage son who likes to talk to me and gets my jokes....and gets it when i'm NOT joking.
  • I am grateful for daughters who share their wows and woes....who let me laugh and cry with them....
  • i am grateful for cute sons-in-laws who are still a bit afraid....hmmm....maybe intimidated is a better word....of/by me....they'll soon figure out I'm a lot of hot air.
  • I'm grateful for sisters who call to belly-ache about their lives---and share their adventures....what a joy to like your sisters as friends. btw...i like my brothers too---but, its not the same......hugs to marc, ace & matt!
  • i'm grateful for extended family----hmmmm---dont like that wording---i'm grateful for family's families....the sibs of my hub....the kids of my sibs....the kids of my sibs' facebook/blog/farmtown friends.
  • my cup runneth over with family.


Lyric said...

we're blessed. we're blessed. we're blessed.

we both have thankful-like posts today...thunder!

Michelle said...

You're the greatest, Meredith!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. We certainly are blessed and I am blessed the most with such a wonderful eternal companion!