this is me now


before we totally leave nauvoo

Here are some random pics from Nauvoo---City Beautiful--- Lyric and her adoring and adorable cousin Abby ---she's been her little shadow since Leah's wedding.
David, Jasmine & David (we always seem to know which one we are talking about) in front of the Joseph & Hyrum statue at the Nauvoo temple
i love midwest grass
Nauvoo temple
Lyric, Me--a couple of oxen, David, Ace & Jasmine & David---do we look ready to cross the plains---yeah---i didnt think so.

This marker for the Smith Family cemetery never ceases to make me sad---and give Emma Smith a lot more credit than popular opinion---she lost so many of her loved ones---would I have been as strong?
Sandbags along the Mississippi River---holding back the waters---we saw these up and down the banks all along our drive.
View from Joseph Smith family cemetary---very calm and serene.
David & Ace in our Reunion T-shirts---Posterity of A & ML Ensign---est 1950
Lyric at the general store---toting water---my little pioneer girl!


Olivia Carter said...

Looks like SUCH a fun trip! You all look great!

Vipha Guerrero said...

Wow! You guys looked like you had a great time!!!!

It seems everyone is going to Utah these days; maybe it's time we go.