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Reunion surprise for Leah!

more from the reunion----

right before the lip sync Lyric & Jasmine had organized a surprise baby shower for Leah--- all the girls gathered in Matt & Shelly's bedroom and gave her cute presents....check it out---this was very similar to the surprise lingerie shower Lyric & Jasmine surprised her with the day before she got married! what lovely sisters.I gave little Raider (my nickname for her babe) a little hoodie---he's gonna freeze in Utah! Leah's cousin Jackie, Jasmine & Lyric watching the fun---I think Lyric thinks its fun---and Jas is busy taking notes---so Jackie is having fun!My sister Eden & her husband, Bill, always give Harley Davidson clothes to the babies---the kids look forward to opening this tradition!My mom & Leah----they are close---Leah spent a summer after her senior year up here with Grandma.Baby Raider is gonna have more frog and turtle stuff than his parents know what to do with---Leah used to collect turtles and frog stuff---so i've kinda gone overboard with that whole thing!
everyone was very generous and Leah was very surprised....and grateful.
My SIL Shelly opened her house to everyone---it was great! Eden is in the middle---then my mom.Cousin Amy and her daughter Madison--then my SIL Pat, Amy's son Ben (the only great-grandson at the reunion) and my sister Pyper---her daughter Abby is behind Ben and I think Gracen is in front of Ben---that's cousin Jennifer's daughter.


Michelle said...

Does this mean she won't be having a shower in Provo? Cause that wouldn't be fair to me...(isn't that who's it's all about?) Either way, I'll get her something! Tell her not to forget about me if she does end up having a shower!

Meredith said...

I'm sure she will---I'm coming up in September---around the 25th for about 5 days! then again when Mr Nelson arrives...she wont forget you! :) and I want to see you!

Michelle said...