this is me now


....leave me alone!...and other bummed out musings

1. its okay to sleep...leave me alone.
2. a wonderful summer....i'm not excited for school to start....this is a first for me! next week i will sulk...leave me alone.
3. why doesnt my garage stinking clean itself...and no, i wont clean it until the weather cools down...leave me alone.
4. no, i dont want to participate in a garage sale...leave me alone.
5. yes, i do love my barky little dogs---all of them...leave me alone.
6. why do i have to get men's attention only by whining or throwing a bit of a fit, stomping my foot---and i'm not only talking about my husband! and when the problem is solved, it doesnt matter because i had to demand it...leave me alone!
7. you cant have too many:
purses, shoes, baby clothes
...leave me alone.
8. no, i dont know who i am going to vote for....leave me alone.
9. and no, there doesnt have to be 10 on this list to make it complete....leave me alone.


Lyric said...

Michelle said...

Should I comment or do you really want to be alone? :) I find myself saying leave me alone A LOT! Solitude is nice... (See my post from Aug. 19)

AnonymousPrincess said...

You tell 'em mom!!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I would comment but you want to be left alone