this is me now


a bug

i have a bug
its overwhelming
insatiable...hmmmm...not sure that is the best word for this post---but its okay
i am in the craftiest of moods....the crafting bug
i also have a weakness
i dont finish
nope, not a finisher...this is why i dont sew---because my kids would have ended up walking around in clothes with no hems---no buttons----zippers? forgettaboutit.....
i need one week of nuthin---but who is kidding who---all i'll do is start
so---right now---i'm blogging----with facebook open (duh)----off to my left i have a knitting loom with yellow and white yarn---about 3 minutes away from finishing a newborn baby hat-on the cardtable in the front room i have my cricut (that even sounds like a bug!) up and have finished one project for it---have another that needs to get to me is a bunch of raffia to make flowers with another loom type thing---i've got about 8 flowers done---but no pin or alligator clips on them yet----have 3 baby hats done that need matching booties---2 have the booties done---just not the final stitching----i have 3 pairs of booties that are mid-stream-----
i made napkin rings out of wire and beads---turned out really cute---but now i have 6 more ` staring at me---pleading for a cute napkin ring
i should be taking pictures of all of this---i hate blogging without pictures---my phone is almost dead---but it doesnt take very good pictures---i hate my blackberry...but taking pictures would infer that i was going to finish this blog correctly----ha...see? i cant even finish an emoticonism!
i have 162++ cooking magazines waiting to be pulled apart (a bit of an exaggeration---but not alot)...and then try out the recipes i rip out
there are 3 baby hats (like you get from the hospital) waiting to have a cute edging put on.
my grandmother's 50 yr old hot pink chaise lounge is in my front room---waiting for me to find someone who knows how to reupholster---notice i didnt say that i would reupholster it---just have to find someone to pay to do it...
i have 2 grandbabies due in 10-12 weeks---so i need to do 2 blankets
i have a sock machine screaming at me to make socks.
....screaming so loud that i cant hear the laminator whining as it waits to laminate the church pictures my kids were supposed to get for christmas.
and i'm doing 3 Sound of Music shows this weekend---but when i'm not onstage---i'm crocheting baby booties or flowers for headbands...

bed made

none done...well---laundry is done---but people are still wearing clothes! and the dishwasher is full of clean dishes---but yes---we continue to eat AND USE DISHES....and i plan on sleeping bed made---yeah---not gonna happen.

jack of all trades---master of fact....i'm surprised that i've even finished this po


Princess Mommy said...

Youre a Merf of all trades and a finisher of a few :) Send your crafts to me! Ill finish them! (And thus be the favorite! Do I get a favorite necklace like you got?) :)

Lyric said... crack me up.

also, you have clean clothes in the dishwasher? that only adds to the hilarity

Michelle said...

Ba ha ha ha! You're one hilarious woman, Meredith!

Christie said...

It's kind of scary how much I can relate!