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an eternal family

one of the most beautiful beliefs that we have, as a faith ---as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints---is that we believe the family unit is eternal----it is the basis for everything that God created----that we will be families into the eternities and be able to associate together and continue the family relationship we have enjoyed in this life.

may 2011---lyric & ben were able to come to dallas---bringing mr milo---and be sealed together as a family (with Pyper in utero)---there were many good friends and family that came for the wonderful ceremony.  Alysha Bond (Bonded Memories) took these pictures----it was a lovely day.

the happy family coming out of the temple----it was lovely---a perfect May day.
 hmmm---from left to right starting on the front row---lynn webb, judy webb, ben, milo & lyric, cannon nelson, me, jonas nelson, leah, abby dow, beth & jasmine, ben hall & david.  2nd row---michelle webb, todd webb, branson & claire (webb cousins) jeremy webb, lynn's college bff, ace, david, j howard davis, joe, eden schiffmann, pyper dow---and this was just the fam!
                                              i have this same picture with each of the girls' weddings at the temple
                                            cannon, jonas, ben, milo & beth----and my heart
                                                        the webb men---jeremy ben & todd
                                                        webb family in front of the spire of the dallas temple
 nelson family jonas 16 months, cannon 29 months, joe 750 months, charlie brown 30 weeks, leah----i'm exhausted!
 love this picture of jasmine and david trying to co-erce ben into coming over for a picture
                                                             the coersion worked!
 my sister, Pyper (yes----lyric's baby is going to be named Pyper) and her cute daughter, Abby, came for the ceremony!


Princess Mommy said...

I love them all! But I don't like how the sister picture shows off how round I am ALL OVER!

Piter and Heidi said...

Great Job I am so happy for all of you!!!!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...


Lyric said...

Yay, it's all about me! team webb!

Michelle said...

Congrats to team Webb! I'm so happy for you!