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i just downloaded 990 pictures off of my blackberry----they are from very long ago (this is the first time i've uploaded them---didnt know i had a media card---duh---and i hate my blackberry) to very here are some of my favorites---possibly very random.....but its where i've been and what i was lookin at and what was important at the moment...i am not going to bother putting these in chronological order---oh well...but i'll do my darnedest to tell you what was happening.
may 2011---ben hall came to visit us for 2 weeks sans parental units---we had a blast
may 2011---jonas, ben & cannon---ft worth water gardens

leah, cannon and lyric, may 2011---ft worth water gardens picnic
milo----must be 2011 because he has hair
my cute niece, abby---she came with her mom pyper for Lyric & Ben & Milo's sealing---may 2011---she loved Chip.
my nephew installed new fluorescent lights in the kitchen! june 2011
went to visit my mom in spring 2010---visited my dad too---altho he isnt there
                                             my sweet mom---and her red car---april 2010
joe graduated from BYU april 2010 in applied physics----cannon is trying to figure out what that means---so am i
dave and i took cannon and jonas back to texas with us on a plane while their parents drove a truck with all their stuff---his backpack is a leash!
jonas is the chillest happiest most independent baby! (we call him the boy in the other room)
may 2010 david hall graduated from lamar in electrical engineering---then off to his job in new orleans with valero oil refinery.
leah got her associates degree from Tarrant County College in August 2010!
Jonas figured out how to crawl while they were living at our house summer 2010---and i need a better phone camera.
sweet jonas---summer 2010
july 2010----me and dave went on a cruise to the caribbean with my sibs and their spices---thanks to my mom---this is pat, pyper, shelley on the beach in san juan, puerto rico

i will apologize to my grandsons in 15 years---christmas 2010? well-placed 's', Cannon!

October 2010 we went to a Jeppson reunion in Salt Lake---the man in the shorts is our dear foster son, Doug---got to visit with him and his wife and 3 daughters---it was great! (also shown---ben--lyric & milo---jasmine with the arm attitude)
toured the conference center---my aunt lil is a tour guide---family also got to see the taping of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's 100th anniversary show---the Prophet made an appearance!
lyric, ben & milo with salt lake temple in the background---oct 2010
ben, david & jasmine (beth in utero) with salt lake temple in the background---october 2010
cannon, leah, jonas & joe october 2010 in front of the salt lake temple
ace and my aunt lil on the roof of the convention center---with the slc temple in the background---oct 2010
dave, doug and i  october 2010
cannon, ben & jonas----october 2010 at the visitors center on Temple Square
david hall giving President Monson a high five---october 2010
ace shaking hands with President monson---october 2010
our version of theater seating---may 2011---cannon, milo, beth, jonas & ben
meals---leah, barely jasmine, david, lyric & ben---may 2011
beth! jun 2011
jonas---dec 2009----brand stinkin new
me and jonas---both of us worn out---december 2009
ace loves his nephews---summer 2010---think thats jonas
love this toothless grin of milo----early 2010
david & ben----hmmmm----orlando? spring break 2010---we took turns watching babies
milo was the only one not afraid of the big characters! universal studios---orlando march 2010
ben was terrified of one of the shows----so he clung to mommy but kept on looking---i think it was someone in character costume....orlando march 2010

 thanks to alysha bond for the pictures----obviously not from my phone!
                                          cannon, jonas, ben, milo & beth----my heart.


Lyric said...

The theater seating picture says 2010...instead of 2011. Also, pretty sure if that pic of ace with a nelson in his lap is from last year than it was Cannon...don't think Jonas would have had a cheese stick then! Love love love all these pictures! (except the one where I look gross at the water gardens :)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Love the random peeks into your life. You have such an amazing family. Such adorable grandbabies!! I LOL'ed at the Pres. Monson high five picture, and the Dave sleeping at the rodeo! Ha ha ha ha

Princess Mommy said...

Love the photo memories. Had to do a double take of the photo of us in front of the slc temple. Looks like I'm not wearing pants!!