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what is your time worth?

 so what is your time worth?
david and i have gone to many a timeshare presentation---not that we BUY---but we dont mind spending a coupla hours to get a prize--- gas cards, hotel stays, kitchen gadgets----but it is all about the hotels---
we have gone to Las Vegas, Branson, Orlando (coupla times).... we've also NOT gotten a coupla cruises and hotel stays....
typical time share presentation:
you get 3 nights/4 days at a resort---all they ask is that you sit thru a 45 minute presentation (it is really going to be 2 hours)
customer service at the resort is AMAZING---facilities are great---we had a shower with water that came out of the ceiling---
so you head to the sales office for your presentation----
you are greeted by pretty people in black suits with jewel-tone shirts....they are SO HAPPY to see you---please---can i get you something to drink? a cookie? please sit down in this comfy chair----anotherprettyperson will be here in just a moment!
in comes anotherprettyperson ---also in a black suit with a jewel-tone shirt---so happy to meet you---tell me about yourself---wow you have HOW many kids? uh-huh! wow---that sounds great---let me tell you about myself---i used to be in *insert mainstream industry*---but then i got burned out and wanted something new and different---so i started with *insert brandname hotel chain/resort* about 3 months ago---and Man! I love it here----
so let me ask you a few questions:
do you like to take vacations? yes
where do you like to go? visit our children
thats not a vacation---where do you like to go---when its just for you? no really---we visit our children---thats where we like to go much do you say you spend on hotel rooms...$200 per night---plus food of $50 per person? no--we stay with family---or we if we do go to a hotel we spend $100 or so...and we eat with our groceries at Walmart or Publix.....
certainly you want to go to random wonderful places---look at this video---these pictures---see how happy and beautiful the people are that go to our resorts! yep--they sher are nice'n all (say that with a real country twang---it sounds funnier)
well---if you could stay at a LUXURY resort for 2 weeks a year---wouldnt you love that? yes, duh.
so---if you added up 2 weeks a year for the next 20 years you would spend like $60,000 on vacations! no--we already said we dont spend that much money or go for 2 weeks a year...thats not us.
but look at the beautiful places we have luxury hotels at---you deserve this!look at the happy people---even the OLD people are happy and beautiful!  no---not really---thanks but no thanks.
dont you want a place to take your family to? well yes---but we cant afford to take them TO anywhere---thats why we GO TO the family.
what if we were willing to finance it for 20 years---or cut the price in half and finance that---or cut the time in half and finance that---or just finance something? no---we dont finance vacations.
but you can give it to your children after you are dead! hmmmmm---thats a happy thought...kinda like dancing around the gravestone!?
so you really arent going to buy? no---its not right for us right now/we have 6 kids/*insert any number of legitimate reasons why we shouldnt pay $20,000 plus $1500 per year for vacations to places we didnt intend on going to.
so usually this is where the prettyperson gets a littlehuffy and her/his tone changes---then comes a supervisor ---in a nicer black suit with a nicer jewel tone shirt who tries to convince you that you CAN afford to finance this --- no thank you.
supervisor abruptly closes binder---stands up---walks you to the front....barely a goodbye.

This weekend we did this same scenario at Hilton Grand Vacations in Orlando----
excellent customer service---check
supervisor---whoa--wait---no attitude? no convincing?  salesman actually says "this may not be for you!" no pressure? no huff? no walk of shame?


winning---that is what our time is worth! and visiting our kids---that is winning.  maybe an embassy suites in New Orleans?

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