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ace december 31, 2009
went to a "future-missionary" meeting tonight with David & Ace.  Got a nice invitation in the mail from the stake presidency.  Ace & I arrived (david was coming from another meeting and would see us there)---we got there a few minutes early (as i'm prone to do)---Pres. Vigil (1st counselor in stake) came up and greeted us and asked if I would play the piano for the meeting---"sure"---then Ace asked if they needed a chorister----Pres Vigil gladly accepted Ace's volunteering....told us the the songs and we went up to the stand.  It was a nice meeting---3 young men---one having returned from his mission 4 days ago!!!!----the other two within 3-4 months having returned home---each spoke and bore a strong testimony of how glad they were service.  Then the three members of the stake presidency all spoke about their missions.  I had to keep kicking ace to stay awake----as i'm prone to do----

then---it happened----

closing song----Called to Serve-----I'm playing the piano---looking at the chorister---as I'm prone to do---- and OH MY GOSH----its Elder Jeppson! I START STINKIN CRYING! thank goodness I know that song by heart---muscle memory ROCKS! i totally saw Ace as a missionary directing the music---hearing these wonderful 17-18 yr old boys out in the audience sing this song----my mascara is dripping down my cheeks---cant see a thing.  I was so proud of stinkin--falling asleep-grounded from electronics-chat my ear off-Ace!

its a moment i will hold onto when the other moments jump out at me!


Sharon said...

I could not sing that song when my boys were on their missions without crying.

Lyric said...

Aww! What a sweet moment! Made me tear up just thinking about it. Can't believe ACE will be Elder Jeppson.

Princess Mommy said...

I cant believe that hes old enough for that already! How good of him to volunteer. He will be a great missionary. And I can totally see you doing that...I would too.

Ashley said...

Awwwww, I love it!

waqar qureshi said...

Bright future this is the thinking of all humen being.